Travel Louisiana-Romantic Restaurants, Spas and Tours

Are you ready to tour one of the world’s most romantic cities? New Orleans, Louisiana is well known for its French Quarter weddings, fine dining places, romantic tours and more. Many New Orleans jewelers have gained national recognition. New Orleans has the perfect recipe to spice up your love life.

You can start your lovely romantic day out in the city with fine dining as there are quite a few fine restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine like Spanish, Italian, African, South American, Indian, Mexican, French, Chinese and more.  If you and your party are interested in visiting an upscale restaurant then the Bombay Club may be perfect for you. It is located in the heart of the romantic French Quarter and this fine restaurant also has a martini bistro. You can enjoy live Jazz entertainment and Creole cuisine. Cocktails are served nightly and this is the placed recommended by many well known people and it has even won several awards and has been recognized in travel magazines as well.

Yes, you can rekindle that old flame by enjoying the romantic atmosphere of New Orleans under the glowing lights of the French Quarter. There are quite a few tours available to suit the taste of everyone and these tours include roamtic tours, night tours, walking tours, limo tours and horse and carriage tours. 

For a quiet evening with the one you love, you can enjoy watching the setting sun dance its rays over the mighty Mississippi River by visiting the Woldenberg Park. Visit Jackson Square on the river and take a a wlk on the Moonwalk. There are so many possibilities of love that surrounds this unique place.

You can enjoy the history, culture and heritage of the Louisiana people and find that they are all overly friendly and quite welcoming to visitors. You and your guests may choose to stay at three. four, or five-star hotels complete with suites and even honeymoon suites. If you choose New Orleans to visit on a romantic vavcation you will surely be choosing the best for your love affair.