Tribute to Barrister Qurban Ali in London on 6 January

Tribute to Barrister Qurban Ali in London on 6 January 2013

Dear Friends and Comrades

Awami Workers Party Pakistan (UK) and South Asian Peoples Forum UK cordially invite you to come and join our comrades of JK Peoples National Party to pay homage to great Marxist intellectual, writer, revolutionary politician and life long campaigner for the oppressed classes Comrade Qurban Ali Khan.

Date: Sunday, 6 January 2013

Time: 3.00pm

Venue: Asian Centre, 18A Orford Road, Waltham Forest, East London E17 9LN.

We look forward to meeting you on 6th.

Comradely regards

Munib Anwar, Mohsin Zulfiqar, Ahmed Nizami, Prof Nazir Tabassum, Ahmad Nawaz Wattoo, Rasheed Saraba, Sagheed Ahmed, Dr Iftikhar Mahmood, Dr Touheed Khan, Raj Pal, Sarwan Singh, Lala Mohammad Younas, Pervez Fateh and others


About Barrister Qurban Ali:

Barrister Qurban Ali Khan was born in Mirpur, city of Pakistan administered Kashmir in 1932. Barrister Qurban got his basic education from his native city and also graduated from Mirpur College; he then moved to Karachi and got his law degree from Karachi University and later moved to Britain to get Bar-at-Law degree from Lincoln University of England.

Barrister Qurban founded a Marxist party, Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party (JKPNP) in 1985 and became its president. Over the last three decades, the JKPNP has emerged as a major force in AJK. He worked incessantly for the unification of progressive forces and groups in Pakistan administered Kashmir and in the diasporas of 1.8 million Kashmir’s to achieve the goal of an independent Kashmir and setting up an egalitarian secular society through peaceful democratic struggle. Under his leadership, JKPNP has forged close links with other progressive political organizations internationally including India and Pakistan.

He was a prolific writer and authored over a dozen books on Marxism, class struggle and Kashmir issue, including ‘Kashmir ka Qaumi Sawal’ (Kashmir’s National Question), ‘Jamhuriat or Inqalab’ (Democracy or Revolution), ‘Inqalabi Shaoor’ (Revolutionary Consciousness), ‘Siyasi or Sciency Fikr’ (Political and Scientific Thought), ‘Taarikhi or Jadaliyati Maadiyat’ (Historical and Dialectical Materialism), ‘Asre Hazir ke Inqalabi Rahnuma’ (Contemporary Revolutionary Leaders), and ‘Azeem Inqalabi Rahnuma Jo Mar Na Sakay’ (Great Revolutionary Leaders who never die).

Best regards

Pervez Fateh
Leeds, UK
Cell: +44 (0)795 854 1672