Two Nepali School Girls Sold to Mumbai Brothel

The Janadisha daily has reported on Sunday that two Nepali school girls of Bardiya district have been sold to a Mumbai brothel by long-involved brokers for a sum of Nepali Rs. 33,000 to 40,000.

Tulasa Hamal and Chandrani Tharu, both not more than 14 years of age, were taken to India on August 29 according to Gyanu Kurmi, a reported eyewitness. Both girls are understood to be clas 8 students.

A trafficking gang led by Sarada Begam is reported to be involved in selling the children to the brothel.

Other members in the trafficking gang include Binod Nepali, Dambar Nepali, Durga Nepali, Puran BK and Sher Bahadur BK, all of Sanoshree village in Bardiya district.

Family members of the sold children Manju Devi and Ram Dulari have registered  a case report at the Bardiya district police.

The accused are said to be in Mumbai. Sarada Begam is reported to have been involved in the crime for many years.

Police say they will exercise for the return of the sold girls.

International reports claim almost 12,000 Nepali women and girls are sold to different brothels in Bombay every year. However, criminals, people complain, have been enjoying impunity.

Many believe there is nexus between politicians and criminal gangs.