U.K. Premier’s wife desirous of meeting Amitab Bachan

For Mrs.Sarah Brown, if there is one Film Star whom she is keenly interested in meeting, it is the ‘Big B’. He is a friend of her husband, Mr.Gordon Brown, who took him around Bollywood when he had visited India.

The reason for her to meet him is that she believes in politics one is always looking for good ways to get one’s message across and Amitab bachan is the best candidate for this. This is demonstrated by the fact that when her husband asked Mr.Bachan as to how many people are likely to view his film, his reply was about 500 million;where else, you get to see such a huge exposure to people?

These views were expressed by her at the 49th Anniversary dinner of Women’s India Association held on Sunday in honor of her in which who’s who of expatriate Indian Billionaires, as Lakshmi Mittal, Swaraj Paul etc had attended.