UFOs (unidentified flying objects): Fact or fiction?

           Many people usually discard the idea that ufo’s are real simply because they refuse to be open minded. Even with all the evidence that points towards their existence, they still say they are simply not real. In my opinion, I truly believe that there are ufo’s because of the evidence and also because it’s not so hard to imagine that we are not alone. I think somewhere out there, there might be another species of life.
          One piece of evidence that suggests of their existence are the number of reported abductions. Granted some of them may be proven false for a number a reasons but others sure seem like solid cases of alien abduction. In almost every single part of the world, their have been a number of alien abduction cases. Which in my mind means that their might actually be some truth to these experiences. Most skeptics are quick to brush the experiences away by claiming the subject is in the middle of sleep paralysis. This may be true for some people but the minor few that can’t be explained could very well be blamed on real alien abduction cases.
         Then we have the animal and human mutilation cases that are quite disturbing in nature. A quick look into sees that these subject are killed at any time of the day and are usually killed in a manner where all the organs and blood are completely gone. There’s no trace of blood or anything when the body is found.
When all of this is closely looked at by an open minded person, it remains clear that something is out there and we may just be test subjects for more advanced beings. All I have to say is "Keep watching the sky".