UN Resolutions not outdated & Irrelevant : Er Rasheed

Srinagar, January 04(Scoop News) –MLA Langate Er. Rasheed  has asked Kashmiri’s not to give up their demand for implementation of United Nations Resolutions by surrendering to the illogical arguments that these resolutions  are now outdated to resolve long pending Jammu and Kashmir dispute .



In a statement Er. Rasheed   said that 5th of January knocks every year at conscience of world community in general and Indian and Pakistani leadership in particular to wake them up and fulfil their commitment made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to give them right to self determination.



He said “The argument that much time has gone since 1947 and during this period circumstances have made UN resolutions irrelevant is purely ridiculous.  Time and events cannot change ground realities and without doing justices it can not be deemed to have being done. India and Pakistan themselves know better than anybody that without doing justices with Kashmiri people they cannot move even an inch to resolve their issues among which Kashmir dispute is the main core unresolved issue”. 



Er. Rasheed said that Kashmiri’s should not dilute their stand by putting forward formulas like autonomy , self-rule and Musharaf’s Four point formula as government of India has been enjoying enough by throwing all these formulas into dust bin and has never shown even iota of sincerity or will to find an amicable solution  to the dispute .  He said Indian is not even ready to discuss to define the problem that is why all the bilateral agreements  from Shimla to Tashkan and Lahore to Agra have miserably failed .



He said  “Those who are giving cermon to Kashmiris  daily to be realistic should know that it is because of UN resolutions that J&K is still being accepted as an un-resolved dispute all over the world. If government of India is not ready even to talk on the issue why should Kashmiris soften their stand with every passing day and encourage Indain state to take them for granted”. 


 He urged Pakistani government that if it really means business then it should come out with a clear stance and ensure the world community that Pakistan is ready to implement all the terms and conditions required to implement UN resolutions on Kashmir. By doing this the propaganda and perception that Pakistan too is not sincere in resolving the dispute will come to an end.


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