Uncovering Sting Operations and the Media’s Role

Of late, sting operations have proven to be a very powerful tool for revealing the truth. However it is very important to look at the big picture and investigate on some of the questions around sting operations. Do we ever wonder who is executing these sting operations? Do they reveal 100% truth? Are all the sting operations being exposed? Who comes under the scanner of sting operations? Well, I have been digging into these kinds of questions and I can try to explain the answers to some of these based on certain facts and then I will let you make additional interpretations.

Are all sting operations revealed and do they all get coverage in the media? One of the most successful sting operations to reveal the truth of conspiracies against Asaram Ji Bapu never got coverage in the media. This sting operation revealed substantial facts on how Mr Raju Chandok and his friends fooled the system and the media to conspire against Asaram Ji Bapu. Click here to view this sting operation. Do you remember how allegations of murder against Jayendra Saraswathiwere telecast in the media? And what did the media do when the truth was revealed and Jayendra Saraswati was found innocent? Another very recent instance of a sting operation getting no coverage in the media – an official report clearly reveals how the sting operation failed to find any signs of black magic being done in Asaram Ji Bapu Ashram, Click here to view. Well, the answer to all these questions is very simple – the goal is to create hatred towards Hinduism and Indian culture. The media always looks for any incident focusing on religious people and they are sure to make full use of the golden opportunity provided. Shame on a media channel who is still ignoring the CID Report which clearly indicates there is no Balck Magic in Asaram Bapu Ashram. Is media channel higher then our Investigating agencies or it would be more appropriate to say that money can only rule the coverage on this media channel. Click here to see details of CID Report. Why do they only show negative coverage for Hindu saints? Have they ever shown the services towards humanity done by such saints? The following links would show you some unbelievable services towards humanity performed by our saints which have never got coverage in the media. The purpose of these links is only to support this article with facts and this is not an exhaustive list of services performed by all Hindu saints.
1.      Massive scale of services towards humanity done by Asaram Ji Bapu Organization on Ashram.org
2.      More eye opening news on Ashram News
You might have also noticed how sting operations are presented in a very sensational way making them no less then entertaining commercial films. The situation is even more serious. The media hijacks the situation taking full control – it’s never about analyzing the facts presented in the operation but a dramatic coverage and some forceful interpretations by the media. The media does not give any chance to victims; they are the ultimate judicial authorities during these times. For a moment, compare it with the international coverage on the Child Abuse scandal and the allegations on Pope. The international media never dramatized the incident in this fashion. In spite of substantial facts, Pope has been getting fair opportunities for presenting his side of the picture. But it is a sorry picture for all the saints who are in any way associated with Hindu Culture – they don’t stand any chance of getting a fair trial. Even terrorists like Kasab stand a chance of getting a fair trial but saints associated with Hindu culture do not. Anybody can throw allegations on them and the media will make sure to present them in the most entertaining and obscene way possible. The media even takes over the whole judicial system in doing so and in telling the people that investigating agencies do not know what the media knows. They even go to the extent of comparing an innocent saint with those who have been found guilty in order to mislead people. This is because their intention has been to spread hostility towards Hinduism and Indian culture, and believe me they get rewarded very well for doing so.
It is also very surprising to note that violent reactions follow immediately after a sting operation or a dramatized version of an allegation is telecast against a saint. Do you believe that the general public would react so hastily in such a violent way? They would never do it. Most of the time it is a well conspired arrangement in which certain goons are hired to create scenes, set things on fire, throw stones, burn effigies and so on.
Have you observed that soon after the operations, and all of a sudden many different type of allegations are made one after the other ? Everything was fine until few days back but all of a sudden some people wake up with these allegations probably because they now have financial motivation to speak.
Now who is the master mind behind Sting Operations, fabricated media coverage, violence immediately after sting operations and arranging for several additional allegations; is something that is for you to interpret. It’s not difficult to figure out, let their be a narco test of these media channels and it will all be out in open.
I do not mean that all sting operations that have been telecast have no truth. But we need to apply our judgment and analysis to be able to filter the truth. I also do not mean that everybody appearing in the form of a Hindu Saint is innocent. We again need to apply caution in making this decision and not just go by what the media says, because it’s not the media but it’s the money involved, as a result of which the most twisted and dramatized version of the truth is being presented. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, I have nothing against any religion or community and some of my best friends belong to communities different from mine and they are with me on this issue. As topics of research from around the world indicate: Significance of Indian Culture, Vedic Mantras, Yoga, Meditation, Indian medical wealth (e.g. Tulsi – a Wonder drug), aura of saints (e.g. click here to see a video on Asaram Ji Bapu’s aura), we are turning back to our own culture and to people who have preserved it. If we want peace, compassion and love to be part of our culture, if we do not want teenage girls getting pregnant in our country, If we do not want divorce to be a fashion in our country, If we want disciplined Indians to be making an impact throughout the world then we have got to stop this hatred against our culture!