Upload Large Email Attachments to Salesforce.com

Match My Email has been called the Mercedes Benz of email syncing and logging for Salesforce.com. Its claim to fame is full automation versus manual bcc: tools. It integrates all email systems, e.g., Microsoft, Google, Apple, GoDaddy, Hostways, Open-Xchange and IBM / Lotus directly into the Sales Cloud. Emails and attachments are matched and uploaded automatically to Salesforce.com records like Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities based on the most ubiquitous of all unique identifiers or tags, the email address. The sales rep doesn’t have to do any syncing work; all the work is done by the system. Sales managers love automated email syncing and logging because it lets them monitor employee performance based on activity dashboards and/or reports. Match My Email saves the typical sales rep 100 hours of work each year.

To make email automation works within Salesforce.com, a developer must navigate the many Salesforce limitations by Edition imposed by SFDC on its users. Salesforce.com limitations by edition are listed on this page: http://na4.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/limits.htm.


One of the most annoying limitations in all Editions – Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited — is the attachment size limit. Salesforce.com blocks the upload of any attachment larger than 5MB. With the increase in video and pdf attachments, this size limit is impacting more and more users. Match My Email, true to its fully automated promise, has implemented a new attachment logging feature that works around this limit and provides seamlessly functionality and a 100% complete and accurate email archive in Salesforce.com. Now, attachments up to 30MB are imported into the Match My Email mini-cloud for normal processing. Attachments less than 5MB are permanently uploaded to Salesforce.com; any attachment larger than 5MB is log to Salesforce.com as descriptor and a temporary backlink. The NAME of the attachment is shown permanently in the EMAIL MESSAGES view within every PAGE LAYOUT in Salesforce. For 45 days, the descriptor contains a live link that points back to the attachment stored in the Match My Email mini-cloud.

Match My Email offers its users very rapid improvements included in the regular subscription price. Because Match My Email is cloud technology, these upgrades are done in background, every other weekend. Users suddenly have new functionality at their fingertips. Upgrades are driven directly in response to customer requests. Every organization uses Salesforce.com differently and it is Match My Email pledge to work with them all. Examples of new features in the last six months are

1. Bulk Old/Legacy Email Imports
2. Create New SFDC Records Directly From Email Data
3. Domain-wide Ignores
4. Mass Delete
5. Secondary Email Address Matching
6. Email Activity Reports and Dashboards, and now
7. Large Attachment Handling.

The best way to get to know Match My Email is a 20-minute, live demo. Contact Simone at info ( a ) matchmyemail.com to schedule your demo.

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