US President urged to tame Israel

Jammu, March 12 (Scoop News) – NPP Chairman, Prof. Bhim Singh urged Obama to shun the century old hostile attitude towards the Arab World and stop 63 years old patronage to Israel who was conceived in 1947 by the Big Powers to appease the Zionist lobby at the cost of the holy land, Palestine.



In a letter addressed to the US President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, the NPP Chief questioned US President’s tirade against Iran and Syria after having demolished another Arab civilization, Iraq on one pretext or another. He reminded Mr. Obama about the heaps of nuclear arsenal dumped in the stores of the US and Russia which is sufficient for the annihilation of the whole world. When Obama opposes the manufacturing of nuclear weapons in Iran, how does he justify the manufacturing of the most deadly weapons in USA, China, Russia and in other big countries?


The NPP Chief accused USA of their double standards vis-à-vis the Arab World. The USA is opposed to the defensive measures to protect the sovereignty and unity of Syria whereas the same leadership is silent rather patronizing the Israeli aggression against the unarmed Palestinians in Gaza. The NPP Chief condemned the Israeli aggression and aerial attacks by US-imported bombers killing innocent Palestinians who have been kept in siege for years in violation of the UN Charter and International Law. The Panthers Party Chief expressed disappointment on the role of the Members of the Arab League and OIC by either keeping silent or siding with Anglo-American Bloc which has been supporting Israel since 1947.


“When Syrian government tried to control the law-breakers, missed the US President with the Members of the Arab League condemned Syria whereas when Israel defied all the UN Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine since 1947, the US did not find a single word in their American dictionary to condemn Israel.”


Prof. Bhim Singh congratulated the Russians to elect Vladmir Putin as their next President which was the need of the hour to bring out the third world from the domination of the US to avert the third world war and freedom of third world countries. The Panthers Party Chief expressed hope that Mr. Putin shall assist the non-aligned world to maintain the balance of power and save the globe from total destruction.


Prof. Bhim Singh urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, the largest democracy of the world to call the meeting of the non-aligned nations so that their role for the global peace and complete disarmament may be worked out in the interest of world peace and international justice where every country in the world shall live in peace and dignity.