Useful Apps:Make Christmas Gift- Giving Simpler and Save Money

Whether you love or hate Christmas and everything that comes with it, the truth is that it rolls around the same time each year and there is nothing you can do to stop the stress that inevitably comes with it. You can make it a little easier on yourself if you know where you can and can’t cut corners, but when it comes to planning and saving money, put your faith in technology Christmas and let some handy apps take some of the pressure off.

The gifts

The Christmas shopping can sometimes be the hardest job; there are probably a lot of people in your family who are difficult to shop for and some who are nigh on impossible.

·         Gift Wizard or El Gifto

If you have absolutely no idea where to start for good gifts and have little imagination when it comes to gift ideas, then these two apps may well save Christmas. No longer will you need to hope for a Christmas ideas miracle as these apps try to offer up an intelligent suggestion based on who you are buying for. El Gifto especially helps with this as the suggestions for gifts are given based on your relationship to the recipient and also takes into account ages and lifestyles.

·         Amazon or Ebay

If you have a better clue on what you want to get the special people in your life, then the apps for Amazon or Ebay are easily accessible on the move. You never know when someone will let slip what they’re hoping to get for Christmas; with these apps downloaded you can search, buy and pay for that needed item in a flash. The Amazon app gives you the added bonus of access to their daily deals. Don’t miss out!

·         Westfield

You know what you want to buy and you know where you need to buy it from but no idea where your closest store is. No need to panic! Westfield have designed an app to lift the stress from your shoulders to tell you where your nearest Westfield is, their opening hours and for some of the fancier centres; how many parking spots are left. What are you waiting for? Download this one fast!

The money

It’s an expensive time of year, and no matter what budgets you set and what you aim to spend, it is so easy to spend too much. Everyone has different limits and these apps are here to make sure you don’t lose track and spend your New Year eating beans on toast with all the lights turned off.

·         Red laser

The only laser beam that will help you this Christmas is this handy little app. Don’t make the mistake of buying the first thing you see at the first price you come across. It’s good to do your research. This app allows you to scan the present in question to ensure you get the best deal. Keep your eyes peeled as it also offers some discounts and coupons.


·         iBank mobile

iBank is a handy tool which allows you to track your Christmas spending day to day whilst keeping an eye on your account balances. Track your expenses without needing an internet connection and share it with friends and family. If you use this app with members of your family, you can sync entries to the same desktop and keep track of what everyone is spending.  Don’t find yourself spending too much; keep track.

·         Getprice

Look past the stickers on all your must have items this year, in the same way that Red laser does, it gets you the best deal. It has an online index of millions of products from a whole range of stores you may want to spend your hard earned cash in.

The time

It’s a busy time of year and your hours are precious. Download some apps which are there to organise your time as well as saving your time.

·         Gift list

Allows you to track an individual’s gift list; check. Keep notes for each present; check. Check off items on your to buy list; check! It even helps you track your budget. No more lost lists down the back of the sofa, it keeps them all handy and in your pocket

All of the apps mentioned will save you valuable time and energy, and will leave you a little calmer and more organised. Perhaps now is the time to reward yourself with a glass of Sherry or Eggnog and let your online purchases wing their way to you. Let your apps do the hard work.