Veena Malik reappears in Pakistan

 Bollywood actress who posed nude burka reappears in Pakistan 

Veena Malik A gave it to be missing in India
Veena Malik, Bollywood actress to whom he gave yesterday disappeared in India after a controversial posed nude , has reemerged with Burke in his home country, Pakistan, according to the local channel Geo.
The string specifies that the actress yesterday crossed a border between the two countries, dressed in a burka so that nobody would notice their presence. but the customs officers identified by their passport.
Veena Malik
The channel states that the artist, who lives in Bombay , he returned to Pakistan to renew his visa, but tried to hide his return to not create a stir in his country after starring for days because of a scandal that made a controversial posed for a magazine in India.
In the perched, appeared without clothes and with the initials Pakistani secret service (ISI) recorded in the arm, which caused it to rain upon them a barrage of criticism from media Hindu radicals in India and Pakistan from Islamist sectors.
The engraving of the initials of the ISI in the body of actress scandal gave the political dimension, as in traditional Indian media blamed the Pakistani secret services of Islamic Courts attacks that occur in the neighboring country.