Verdict Is In: Lieberman Keeps Senate Homeland Security Committee Chair

For many years, Senator Joseph Lieberman has been the maverick of the United States Democratic Party. He has been the one Democrat in Congress that the GOP let alone the administration of George W. Bush could always depend on. It was made known on the news that not many Democrats were pleased with Lieberman’s political stances.

For the 2006 Senate elections, Lieberman would be denied the Democratic nomination. Instead he would have to run as an Independent. However, Lieberman still won and retained his seat. The Democratic nomination was given to Ned Lamont, Jr. Despite Lamont’s popularity amongst Democratic voters, it was Lieberman that still came on top.

For the 2008 US Presidential race, Lieberman has given his endorsement to GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona. There were harsh feelings towards Lieberman from the Democrats for it.

So far, the verdict has been in on Lieberman.

Lieberman gets to keep his position as the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. However, he will be kicked off the Environment and Public Works panel. This punishment comes for criticizing Democratic nominee and US President-elect Barack Obama.

The Democratic caucus approved a resolution to punish Lieberman. It was a majority vote of 42 to 13.

Obama resigned from his US Senate seat of Illinois on Sunday.

Overall, Lieberman will remain on the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. But, he will no longer be on the Environment and Public Works panel.