Vimal Launches Protector, Functional and First Of Its Kind

Vimal, the flagship brand of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and one of the most revered brands of premium textiles in the country comes to the fore, and launches a new brand of fabric –Protector. Pegging on the theme of ‘Fashion meets Function,’ this smart fabric will be a technological break- through as it comes with a defense shield and will intensify the strength of the brand.

Mr. Anand Parekh, President of RIL Textiles Division has mentioned that they have competently enhanced their textile capacities based on their R&D activities carried out with the objective of developing their product. They have intended to offer a smart and a fashionable solution to their customers.

The approach and philosophy of Reliance owned Vimal to tether with the Indian audiences and comprehend their needs served to be its USP, enabled it to attain the iconic status and garner great success. The brand effectively grappled with the scenarios in India and concocted solutions that served the purpose. Protector testifies the same. Vimal devised it significantly keeping in mind, the Indian audience, and the country’s tropical climate. Properties like anti- dust, stain- release, anti- microbial, and anti- pollen make Protector, an exclusive brand.

Dubbed as the 4- in-1 hygiene uniform fabric, the fabric serves a number of functionalities as it does not allow dust to settle, is easy to clean daily stains like coffee/ tea/catch- up/ oil,  pollen- resistant protecting you from allergies and hay fever, fights against microorganisms like bacteria /fungi . This effect is equivalent to 20 home washes. Apart from that, it does not produce odor wherein the effect is same as for 100 washes.

Vimal’s standard poly-viscose and poly-wool suiting embarked on this innovation. Protector would serve be highly beneficial for usage in hospitals, armed forces apart from serving to be an attire worn in  school , offices and other occasions. The brand will be creating a buzz in the fashion apparel industry by enabling individuals to feel comfortable and look stylish, at the same time.

Before the launch of Protector, Vimal rolled out ‘DEO -2’ in India. A first of its kind, it sports anti- microbial Deo- treatment, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi keeping it fresh and odor free, despite its use in humid and warm climates. Vimal ensures that all its fabrics- Worsted and PV Suiting, are infused with this innovative technology that offers them a competitive edge over other stylish garments, available.