Viral v/s TVC



In recent times it is observed that most of the clients who had been spending huge amounts on tvcs have shifted their ad spends towards virals, avs, and digital etc. why this changing trend? An alternative is only opted when the original is missing or losing its feasibility, so has happened to the tvcs. Most of the entrepreneurs have recognized the importance of advertising and communication, but have also realized the monetary constraints they face while selecting tvc in their communication plan. With upcoming animation agencies and start up production houses, making a viral is comparatively inexpensive curtailing tv slot costs and also is an effective medium. A viral doesn’t need a slot or a TV spot, what it needs is just one click and it’s uploaded. Like a virus it spreads and viewed which can tap a number of people with just a share. Thanks to the social networking sites which are an added advantage to these virals, which help these avs to spread across cities, states and countries too.


Moreover, once these videos are uploaded, tracking the reach and viewership is easy with an add-on of the comments posted on the webpage as a feedback given for the creative. These virals make your brand popular within a remarkable shorter span than any other medium. These virals if are projected with a humor element results with highest hits for likes and shares as well. These virals are equally entertaining as are the tvcs or at times even more entertaining. Many advertising agencies add virals in their communication plan while delivering a communication plan effectively with a given budget. These advertising agencies either approach the production houses or have their in-house production house to produce these virals.


Apart from viral advertising many advertising companies also suggest digital innovations to communicate a message effectively. Advertising companies need to offer more lucrative media plans to the small budget clients which turns out to be cost effective and results with maximum ROI. For an ad agency in mumbai it is easy to include virals in the communication plan due to flourishing production houses. It is easy to approach an animation ad agency in mumbai and delivery the communication message with cost effectiveness. This shift does not signify the losing importance of tvcs but signifies the emergence of an innovative media called ‘viral’. Going viral is getting wiser, especially when budgets are skimpy and expectations for returns are high.