Wakeup God Is Performing Miracles All Around You

I am a very simple sort of man, and it doesn’t take a whole lot to impress me, but as a Christian I am impressed by God, through his performance of simple miracles each and every day that I awaken to serve Him.

If you look at my photos here in my articles, you will see God performing everyday occurances for God, that are in themselves miracles, baby birds being birthed, hatching out of a shell, How did it get into that shell to begin with? God. a salmon leaping to the top of waterfalls trying to reach its spawning grounds, to recreate itself, a field of corn ready to be harvested, grown from tiny little seeds, planted in the spring.

The last , the birth of a human child, and in this case, the child was Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, The Christ, who would later sacrifice His life, so that our spirits, could be rejoined with our heavenly father God almighty.

How many of us as Christians, has heard some agnostic, or some atheist, a non-believer say to you, "If God’s real, if there truly is a God, then let him perform some miracle and I’ll believe.

So you want God to perform a "Miracle" eh? Be careful what you ask of God. How open minded are you? Would you really know a miracle, if you saw one? I doubt it. I don’t think you would, but I’ll show you some of God’s daily miracles and we’ll see.

Think about it. You awaken every morning, with a deep cleansing breath of air. That’s a miracle in itself. Your eyes open and you see, what ever your surrounding happen to be. You hear, You smell, You touch, You arise and walk, You go to your kitchen and you taste. All of these are miracles from God, plus add the fact that your brain, your mind is instantly able to recognize and perform each of these senses, that too is a miracle.

I mean think about it just for a second. Every morsel of food you eat, is from God, every stitch of clothing is from God, every sound bite of music you listen to or download, is made of God, if it exists, God had a hand in it somehow some way.

The truth of the matter is, God is performing miracles all around us each and every day, but we take so many things for granted, and we are not thinking in God’s ways, so we don’t notice them, and therefore we can’t point them out. I guess being a non-believer of God, you refuse to accept this, but facts are facts and miracles are miracles.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." He simply thought them into being and with a brush of His mighty hand there they were. At this point there is no form only void and darkness, but Holy Spirit joins with the Father of creation. Then God speaks again saying "Let there be light." and when God saw that the light was according to His standards, he declares it good, and then devides the earth so that half was in light and half was in darkness and God called the light "Day" and the darkness He called "Night".

God then decides to create what he called a firmament, thus dividing the waters of the sky from the waters upon the land and called the firmament, HEAVEN thus setting apart land from sky. Next almighty God decides to gather together the waters on the land in different areas, and with a breath of His nostril, does so, thus separating water from land creating earth and seas and lakes and rivers. And God saw that it was good.

God then decides to create plant life, grasses, like wheat and oats, barley, rye, corn, and rice, herbs like oregano and parsley and thyme, fruit trees yeilding fruits of all kinds, and date trees and fig trees and olive trees, apple trees, orange trees, cherry trees, trees with nuts bushes with berries, potatoes, tomatoes, radish, beets, squash, cucumber, mellons, and even various plants of beauty like flowers, roses, tulips, dafodils and God saw that it was good and proclaimed it to be so. And God said that all was very good.

As humans every day we usually without even thinking about how it got to be so, consume tons and tons of foods, grown by God, grown and regrown each and every day and year. How about your family car, does it have tires on it? The rubber in the tires comes from a plant known as the rubber tree, the same as a thousand and one other products used daily from rubber.

God then decides to create lights in the heavens and the firmament the light of day known as the sun, the light of night, the moon and stars thus dividing the day into day and night, and while doing this used them to divide time into seasons of the year.

The sun is 93 million miles away from earth, that’s quite a distance if you stop to think about it How often have you actually taken the time during the day to feel and notice the brightness and the warmth and the healing powers of the sun, as it kisses your cheeks, or causes you to look away from its brightness or felt its natural healing warmth as it massages you aching shoulders. How often have you noticed that the various phases of the moon, can effect nature here on earth, Tides change, people’s moods can change.

How often have you gazed upward into a clear night sky to see millions of stars dottoing the heavens, some are forever fixed in a certain position like the North Star, others orbit around the earth, some are in clusters or constellations like Orion, some are even our neighboring planets like Venus, or Mars, or Saturn. One has to ask themself, how do these obstacles remain in the sky? Why don’t the fall?

Then we have comets and meteors that travel across our skys at such speeds, how is it they seldom land on earth or collide with earth? Here’s something to think about. How many thousands of planes fly across the skies, and who taught human man, how to make this happen? God is a truly awesome God to be able to control all of these natural phenominal things, as well as to teach man how to fly too.

Now we get into the meat so to speak of God’s creative miracles. God says "Let the waters bring forth abundantly, the moving creatures that have life, and foul that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven." God creates whales, sharks, seals, shrimp, lobster, tuna, all nature of fishes, plus eagles, hawks, chicken, geese, ducks, ostrich, pigeons, doves, quail, turkey, all of the birds of the land and air. And God Blessed them telling them, "Be fruitful and multiply. " God only had to speak a word to them, and they began to fill the waters and the lands.

On the sixth day of creation God miraculously created through his spoken word, all of the creatures of the earth, insects which crawled, ants, beetles, flies, roaches, bees, butterflies, silkworms, salamander. How many like Honey? Have you ever wondered how it got on your table, how it was made? There’s also, horses, cows, elephant, hippo, lion, tiger, pig, donkey, dog, cat, every insect and land animal. Lastly God says, "Let US, make Man in Our Image." and let them have Dominion over all that WE have created. First God creates a man Adam, from the dust of the earth, and then breathes life into him. Then realizing that Adam had no mate, God causes Adam to sleep, and from a rib of Adam, God creates woman, Eve.

Now here is a miracle that as humans, even more as Christians, we often forget or don’t realize. Humans seem to think that simply having sex, is how other humans in the form of babies are made. God’s way is slightly different though from what we think. With the wave of a hand across the sky, God creates baby angels, spiritual beings each appearing spiritually like God appears.

God needs them to be trained, in His ways and learn how to be angels of God and heaven, so one by one, while a couple are making love together, God places each spiritual being into a human embryo, where it becomes human for a time, how ever long God decides. While here in human form to blend in with other humans, it learns how to become God-like and is trained in love as Jesus loved, until it is recalled back to Our Heavenly Father.

It is time for everyone to wakeup, shake your head, and smell the coffee. Miracles are happening constantly all around you but you have your eyes closed and your brain turned off to the truth.