Warid Telecom Bangladesh selects Kaniz Almas Khan as Brand Ambassador

Warid Telecom has selected the country’s top beauty expert Ms Kaniz Almas Khan as the Brand Ambassador of its Zahi postpaid brand.

As the Brand Ambassador, Ms. Khan, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Persona, the leading beauty parlour for women, has participated in the latest media campaign of Warid Telecom to promote its Zahi post-paid brand.


For the first time, she appeared in a television commercial to promote the Zahi, which has already earned reputation for hassle-free communication with crystal clear sound.

Earlier, Warid Telecom endorsed popular singer Kumar Bishwajit and Managing Director of Anwar Group Hossain Khaled as it Brand Ambassadors, who also participated in media campaign to popularise the Zahi, a brand for achievers.

Expressing her feelings, Ms Khan said, “It is a great feeling for me to participate in the media campaign because I truly believe Zahi is perfectly suited for meeting my communications needs.”  

On this occasion, Warid Telecom management said, “We are very happy to have Kaniz Almas Khan with us to promote our brand as she is a successful women entrepreneur with a huge influence on fashion and beauty conscious women.”

 “It will definitely boost our brand value to a larger number of audiences,” the statement added.