We Weathered Storms and Felt Many Highs


I’ll not walk away until he’s said his goodbyes,
all that’s left between us is to have a good cry.
We’ve weathered storms and felt many highs,
why, oh why, won’t he give-in and say goodbye.
I loaned him my heart, he played with my mind,
why, oh why, won’t he give-in and say goodbye.

Verse I

I’ve played house and kept up with living his game,
I gave him my heart and soul, he gave me his name.
Our love grew like gushing rains and binding winds,
keeping us together as fusses healed and mended.
Years came and rapidly pasted, a bond aiming to last,
one day a storm blew in and it never did seem to pass.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse II

His arms grew weak and his kisses were cold,
missing for hours with lies sealed within his soul.
He denied there was anything wrong between us;
it would end up in a screaming and yelling fuss.
Our love began fading like the days fly-by in a year,
my heart was broken as I’d shed a lot of tears.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse III

He shut me out and sealed up his bedroom door,
darkness absorbed my soul and I cried even more.
Why won’t he tell me goodbye and forget what we had,
it’s terrible he’s leaving me feeling like a fool that’s bad.
Why, oh why, won’t he give-in and say goodbye,
the storm will blow over opening up a blue sky.

Repeat Chorus:

Why, oh why, won’t he give-in and say goodbye,
the storm will blow over opening up a blue sky.