What Bangladesh got from recent Advisory Council reshuffle?

This is off course not the only analysis, but we think this is the most important analysis.
According to our assessment, the members of the current interim government has one lagging. As a group, so far, they have failed in one arena. To be fair to them, we recognize that the time has not run out yet. However, a good example is always a welcome ASAP.
Other than pursuing the election roadmap, the next biggest project of the government is the anti-corruption drive.
To show solidarity of the drive, the council of advisors could have declared their wealth from their own initiative.
Or, they could signal that NBR could publish all the tax files of the individual members of the Advisory Council. This should become a norm of every public official holding elected office. How better to shart the tradition than by a voluntary initiative by themselves?
From the body languages of the different officials including the advisors themselves, it seemed that all the members were not ready to publish their weath details to the public. If that assumption is true, we hope that the advisory council that we have now, after some dropouts and resignations, they will be able to do so.
The most important gain from the latest reshuffle of Advisory Council could be that the Council is now ready to declare their wealth. If they are all mentally ready, they can always do that if needed, or at least, if they want to show the goodwill.
We really really really wish that comes out as true – whatever the timing is.
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