What Should Christmas Really Mean?


What Should Christmas Really Mean?


A Poem By: Dave Mathews

Why does man see Christmas,

as the one day of the year,

to really remember loved ones, family, and friends,

with a little thoughtfulness, love and good cheer?


Why does man use Christmas,

as the one day of the year,

to show kindness and caring to his fellow man,

when it should be done all year?


Why does man see Christmas,

as a time they should compete,

with lavish parties, and expensive gifts,

when all Jesus asks us,

is to sit and listen attentively at his feet?


Why has Christmas become a competition,

to give bigger, and better than the rest,

when a simple thing given with love from one’s heart,

will be cherished and loved by those who receive,

knowing that you’ve done your very best.


The thought of Christmas giving, originated with God.

He loved mankind so very much, but man was filled with sin,

so Jesus, as God the Christ Child offered to become,

a Godly substitute and take upon his Godly sinless self,

all man’s sins of old and new as a perfect ransom,

so that Father God would see all man,

as pure, as man made a new.


Love, and caring, kindness, and good cheer,

are the things we should be sharing together,

every day of every year with every man we meet,

so that our heavenly Father will,

one day welcome us, to worship at his feet.


One day each year we remember,

the Baby Jesus the child who delivers man.

One day each year we remember,

how much he gave of himself,

to rescue simple man.


We owe Christ our existance.

We owe him our very life,

but all we ever seem to do,

is to turn to him when we suffer in strife.


So let us now reflect upon,

what Christmas really means,

the day Our Lord and saviour gave a perfect gift for man,

when he offered up his immortality as God,

taking upon himself all mans’ sins to ransom lowly man.