What’s Your Reason For The Season?

What’s Your Reason For The Season

(a poem by Dave Mathews)


On Christmas day we celebrate,



but forgotten is the reason.

Gifts and food and famliy fun,

seems now the reason for the season.

But only God’s gift to man, Our Lord,

should be man’s only reason.

A perfect Godly sacrifice,

erasing the sins of man,

became God’s inspiration,

so God became a child,

and redemption became his plan.

The child would grow into a man,

miracles would he make,

teaching love for everyone,

was his master plan,

and no short cut would he take.

Christmas comes but once a year,

parties and fun are not the reason.

Jesus becoming our saviour,

should be our only reason for this season.

So let us all examine,

what our true motifs are,

remembering why we celebrate this day,

before we go to far.