Why Registration Is Important For Getting Grants


Government grants are the financial aids provided to individuals and organizations to fulfill their needs. These needs can be personal like starting a business, repairing house, for education or for any disability you have or for social purpose like starting or expanding business to increase job possibilities, providing help to disabled people, construction of community center or providing better health care facilities to the citizens.  Depending on the need there are different departments of federal government where you can apply for grants like:

·         Department of commerce providing grants for commercial needs like business, public works etc.

·         Department of education providing financial helps to students in form of USA student financial grants. With help of these grants students can attain finances to support their education and academic needs.

·         Department of Housing and Urban Development makes available funds for damaged properties. If some property with great economic value is not getting buyers because of its condition then you take grants from this department and repair the property. Later on you can either sell the property or use it for residential purpose.

·         Department of Health and Human Services make available funds health care grants for doctors who want to provide better health care facilities and to organizations helping to provide health care to disabled people.  

Like these there are many other departments as well which accordingly assist people in making country better for its citizens. Federal government with the desire of centralizing and keeping a check on unnecessary grant fulfillment made it essential for every organization to get them registered with nationalized registrations. Criteria of applying for the grant can be different in different states but the registration process remains the same. The various registrations are:

CCR: it stands for central contractors’ registration, which collects, authorizes and provides this data to various organizations meant for endowment of grants. For companies who are seeking government business grants, or nongovernmental organizations seeking for different grants for people who are in need, have to take this registration.

Dunn and Bradstreet registration: this registration also collects information from organizations and validates them. While approving the grant applications, government organizations take help from the information given in the database of Dunn and Bradstreet registration.

Women business enterprise: all the women entrepreneurs seeking grants have to get them registered with this organization.

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