Will America Invade Iran?

Faisalabad: This is the question rising in the minds of the people living in the subcontenet and the countries have ties with Iran living around the world. The main reason behind this war may be the drone technology decoded by the Iranian scientists, how they provide wrong data to the drone air craft flying in the air zone of Iran.  According to the Iranian scientists they had not only decoded the drone technolgy but they had also obtain the Stalath Technology that is not visisble in the radar due to its specific system.  America wants to teach a lesson to Iran that they made hostage to the personnels of the  American embassy earlier in 1979 and now they provide wrong information to the drone and thus decoded the drone and stalath technology. America is planning to invade Iran with the help of Israel and she is deploying her thousands of marines in Israel. America has imposed embargoes on exports of crude oil from Iran while Iran has dismissed the embargoes. America is now making grounds to invade Iran by making hostile messages on the Hormuz water channel. Now we have to see that running from Iraq will America go for an other mischief by invading Iran. www.facebook.com/mahmoodahmed