Before the shock waves of the gusty Delhi rape rage began rocking the Sonia rule, the Congress was already struggling since 2009 with the rising popular anger against its rampant corruption and reacting to it with a look down approach to the widespread anger of the Indian public. This Sonia cliques’ approach is the consequence of the rulers taking the Indian public for granted again the consequence of misusing for too long the ‘Gandhi dynasty’ factor to mollify public anger. But this approach itself contributed the most to the wearing off the lustre of the ‘Gandhi family’ factor that today the Congress suffered electoral defeats first in TN, then in Bihar, UP and Gujarat and across the North, a phenomena that the Congress never anticipated. Responsible sections of the media now carry stories/analyses that highlight the key factors explaining the undercurrents of public discontent much to the discomfort for the Sonia clique.
 In response the piece titled ‘Turning point: the Gandhi dynasty must end’ (First Post – Oct 14, 2012), Congress pushed for a much touted ‘The ‘Pro-reform agenda…with ‘aam admi’ gibberish being the central theme.’ (Times Nov 4, 2012). Yet the anti-Congress wave is still spreading across India. Serious studies complemented each other analysts to bluntly produce the piece ‘Would not Indians replace pretender Sonia to rid India of her secular mafia dharma and save Indians’ in Ground Report of 2 December 2012. This is an exhaustive study how far Sonia’s mafia secularism jettisoned the key moral elements driving early Congress’s policies. Numerous more media pieces recently re-inforce this story.  
Though serious analysts observed Sonia recently displayed spontaneous outrage over the Delhi rape, raging first in Delhi and later around India they are unconvinced that the Sonia clique has not abandoned its arrogant indifference to criticisms even the brutality of the Delhi rape victim. Rape is as endemic as corruption in dharmic India, nurtured by the Sonia clique not condemning and long overlooking these tendencies most harmful to future of India. Perpetrators do enjoy the protection of the Sonia clique. The highly political Sonia clique also jealously guarded its power base aggressively by keeping out genuine activist including political parties joining in the moral outcry. The record of the manoeuvres of the Sonia politicians and the bureaucracy leads the public to become deeply sceptical of the sincerity of the rape rage drum beat of the Sonia cliques.
Realising that in the initial days of the Delhi rape rage the Sonia clique’s reaction was muted Sonia acted to catch up, visiting the victim in her hospital in Delhi, agreed to meet with representatives of the rape rage activists, issued statements (unusual) promising harsh punishment for the offenders in this case. In each of these she acted to outpace PM MM Singh. Above all Sonia entrusted Mninster Shinde the iconic Home Minister to act against the rape offenders when not long before he cynically  boasted that Indians  readily forget scam/crimes ..’ they will forget the PM’s coal blocks scam as they did forget Bofors’. Sonia has such trust in Shinde to handle the Delhi rape crime in a manner that will not hurt the Congress politically. Shinde/Tiwari were active spokesmen for the Sonia clique acting harshly against the anti-corruption activitists in the same geographical areas the rape rage activists held siege for days on end.  
The Sonia ruling clique’s use of Shinde’s Bofors/coalblock line to muzzle the Delhi rape activism would have been disastrous for Sonia, the rhetoric from the Congress side only allows them to occupy the front line position in producing initiatives against the brutish rapist. The crimes apart it is the Sonia cliques indifference to the moral or dharmic dimensions that nurtured crimes in various spheres of human activity that encouraged offenders to expect protection from the Sonia rulers controlling or fighting the rape and corruption crimes.
Analysts have been critical of the pace at which the Sonia clique argues and fails to act against the various forms of scams crimes as most adharmic. to the ‘aam admi’.  A false confidence that the regime is striving to produce emphasizing development/reforms with sham cabinet reshuffles unlikely to douse out public anger/protests especially when Shindes/Chidambarams serve a senior ministers in key cabinet positions. They carry a record that nurtured a mafia crime culture in dharmic India in the first place.
To analysts’ poser(s) ‘Will the Indians at large condone these sins of the Sonia clique continuing ..?  or follow UPA’s example and wish Sonia family ‘good bye’ for good.’ the answer is given in an intuitive analysis ‘Out of the family way: If India has to move forward, the voting public must wean itself off the Gandhi dynasty’ (Chetan Bhagat) Dec 1 2012 (Times of India). Readers would not miss the intuitive judgments embedded in this quote.
Naturally headline grabbing scams smearing the reputation of the Congress is sure to compel Indians to look up to the BJP as an alternative. The image of Gujarat CM despite all the mudslinging of the Sonia clique is on the ascendant India wide elevating him as a potential PM of India. “The BJP is the only non-dynasty party..ready to wean off the Gandhi family..allows a democracy..where deep inside technically anyone can reach the top…. (not from the few (a Rahul or a Priyanka) within the Gandhi family..as succession in monarchies in medieval Europe occurred). ’
Sonia/Rahul’ recalling Rajiv’s development legacy reminds the public of Rajiv’s  image as the ‘father of scams’, Yet despite the Bofors, IPKF/SL mercenary and many more forgotten plunders;  it is the energy and industry of the Indians both within in India and overseas that delivered the modest growth that India achieved in the past three decades. Cruelly the Sonia Congress fails to mention the contribution of Narasimha Rao and others including the BJP stalwarts who worked hard to dismantle Congress’ corrupt ‘license raj’ that throttled development under the corrupt Congress rule. The attitude of the Sonia clique to persist arguing for not acting against anti-development scams expending efforts to go after anti-corruption activists even those in the opposition is most adharmic from the Indians point of view.. Such an attitude is born out of a false confidence that the regime will be able to ride out public anger protests especially when Shinde a senior minister boasts that Indians readily forget scams; they will ‘.. forget the coal blocks as they did forget Bofors’. Will voters continue to remain passive when the scams that under the Sonia regime have grown to unimaginable proportions and the so-called measures to fight the scam culture are mere pretences? Are not Indians obliged to end this culture and remove its patrons from positions of power as soon as possible?
In early November 2012 when the PM’coal block’ scam involving the plunder of huge amounts of public wealth stirred public anger and activists hit the streets the Sonia clique decided to neutralize (not in Mahatma’s dharma tradition) the anti-corruption crusaders (IAC included) unleashing all the state power, The use of police power was normal with this clique why would not this clique not use harsh state powers against the rape rage activists that had Delhi under siege for weeks. CBI, RAW and instruments including other (tax) offices pursued the activists, critics and the opposition. Except for Natin of the BJP there weren’t that many scammers outside the Sonia clique. Even Natin’s brush with the law was not that much graver than those committed in the Sonia family Vadra/DFL scam the pursuit of which by the state agencies like the tax and corporate law offices become a study in the partisan misuse of the instruments of the state by the Sonia clique. Going by the Sonia clique’s past record a repeat of Bofors outcome cannot be ruled out in the rape rage case allowing a rage culture to flourish in India uncontrolled. In the end will the Delhi rape rage activists also be hunted down as were the Lokpal and IAC activism if public opinion threatens to end the corrupt Sonia rule? Only a new regime far removed from the secular Sonia
(Mafia) governance model will bring about the change that Indians expect and long for. No more empty ‘aam admi’ slogans is going to benefit Indians. Aam Admiis do not have black money parked in overseas banks.