Women Take Those Bathrobes’ Off and Feel at Ease

Commentary: I’ve been friends with a lot of women who will not allow their husbands/mates to see them in the nude. They’ve told me they’ll wrap up in a bathrobe, turn-off the lights, and slip into bed. I’ve repeatedly told them, "Take off that bathrobe and get a life," I cannot believe any person could be married to a man and have his children and they haven’t allowed them to see them in the nude. This is the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard of my life. 

It is my opinion people who are the happiest people in life are those who feel comfortable with or about their bodies and they’re not afraid for their mates to see them naked. They feel good about who they are and how they look. They’re what I call confident people who love themselves for who they are…I’m glad I fit into this category and I have "no" regrets about how I look in the nude. I’m an aging woman not having the perfect face or body, but I’m proud to be the woman I am, and for what I stand for, and it grants me the, "I like myself" feelings. 

Here’s a list of a few things I believe will get women out of those bathrobes and to be able to face their mates with the lights on while they’re in the nude and to forget their inferiority complexes, forgetting their cellulite problems or their flaws, to feel beautiful in front of their mates, and to love themselves for who they are.

1. Relax and feel at ease with your mate and have the realization to transform yourself into the beautiful person you are. Forget about any flaw(s) you’ve magnified within your own mind and "think" beautiful; and remember, your husband would not have married you if he had not loved you naked or dressed.

There must have been a strong magnetism to draw him to you in the first place or he would not be with you today. Allow your beauty to fester within and to blossom to come to ease and to destroy those complexes that’s been destroying your relationship. 

2. "No" husband wants to have sexual relations with a mate who has an inferiority complex about how they look and who wraps themselves up in a bathroom like they’re in Greenland. What man wants to look at his mate turning out the lights before they slip out of their bathrobe? 

It’s my opinion that any man would be turned off and it would absolutely kill any romantic sexual feelings they may have for their mate. Women, most of us realize that sexual desire comes from our mates being able to feel free while the both of you are in the nude. 

Relationships/Marriages are meant to bond people who are in love to feel as one and to be free and open with their mates. This is impossible when a person allows their inferiority complexes to eat them alive and cause them to hide behind their bathrobes. 

Ladies, not even the most beautiful models in the world have "perfect" bodies…they have lots of flaws too but you haven’t seen them because they’ve been touched up, taped up, hidden, and covered up.

Our society is made up of people who "think all" women should look like a model, but do I have news for them, some of the most sexy and beautiful women in the world are those people who are "not" models but would be considered "Plain Jane’s." There’s "no" person on this earth who is perfect and without body flaws.

3. Women there are things we all can do to improve our inferiority complexes, and this is to keep our bodies moisturized, lose weight, get manicures and pedicures, smell nice, clean and stylish hair, wear nice negligee’s and have nice outter dress. We’ll find these things will reduce our complexes and cause us to feel good about our bodies and how we look at ourselves too.

4. In order to add a little more zest to our sexual desires, we can also try using lubricants to enhance our sexual encounters which will be pleasant for the both of us. There are various types of lubricants available at local drug stores to choose from and this will help to reduce our inferiority complexes and to help us enjoy ourselves in the bedroom too. 

5. It is also important that people do not take their daily and work issues into the bedroom at night. This is a place to rest and to express our love to our mates. Instead of hashing out everyday problems turn over to your mate and cuddle to express your feeling for them.

Sole Writer of This Article is Barbara Kasey Smith - This is Based on Past Learning Experiences from Friends and Family.