Beijing 10/08


Only a days after Olympic ceremonial opening, Police and guerilla open fired in Xinjiang. The open fire killed about 8 person on the spot. ETIM is one of Turkistan freedom movement organization suspected starting the gun fired and bombing. The Gun Fire and bombing was started at 2:30 AM local time in the Sunday morning.


The guerrillas attacked the public security bureau complex nearby. They using 3 wheel car to begin their operation. At least 1 security man killed, others 2 policemen and civiliance injured. There were 3 attackers. One of them shot dead meanwhile others were make suicide bombing and arrested. 6 horus later, security forces had gone to gun fired in Kuqa, northwest China which killed 5 of the guerillas. 2 killed on spot and the other 3 detonated the suicide bomb. Chinese people liberation army in mid amount of units enter the city to isolated the city until the security in the area’s clear.


Early before, 2 attaker and bomberman were succeed arrested after stab 16 policemen and injured others 16. ETIM is suspected and responsible behind the ambush. The purpose is to fail the Olympic games from running well. Meanwhile Tibet protesters were moving toward the Chinese embassy both in England and Nepal. They accused that Chinese shouldn’t be celebrate and held this big event meanwhile they conquering Tibet. In Chinese, security forces prohibited the journalist or reporter to take photos of the mess on spot to limited more bad image to the world. Military is their primary strengthold for this image control.


Russia armies today surrounded Georgia and isolated them from the outside world. At the first place, Russia prevent Georgia to upgrade its warfare by blocking the military supply. But it’s looked like Russia will not just stop the armament supply for Georgia but also isolated them from economic in next few days. For western, Georgia is crude oil and gas liquid pipeline for world supplying. If the supply stop because of war, world oil in days and week counts will again hiking to the maximum.


Just only a days before on 09/08, World oil price in the market had been raised again few points up. Western has ask Russia and Georgia to cease fire immediately but until today, there is no peace and cease fire discussion.