October 18, 2010

      Millions of prospective pilgrims gathered under the tents are also white. They knelt before God, praying and hope the same. Although the skin, race, tribe, nation, language, and their customs are different, but in the desert this Arafat them all together and lost in a moment forget the greatness of God with worldly pride-pride that is temporary and superficial.

      The scholars agreed that the essence of pilgrimage is equality (egalitarian) are revealed in ihram clothing that is not sewn, which is a symbol of human equality. While the white color depict holiness before God.
      In the literature stated that the Standing at Arafat also reminded the early history of mankind will be his presence on earth.
Including the fall of Adam and Eve as the first man to earth and Arafat met in this field.When God said to the angel about to create a caliphate in the earth, the angels objected to one reason people will make mischief in the earth and shed blood to him.

      God then gave Adam an advantage in teaching them about the names. Adam was able to mention all the names so that the angel finally gave up the will of God and prostrate to Adam (QS,2:31-34).

     God then asked Adam and Eve for to remain in paradise and enjoy it as much with one note should not be approached (ate) fruit ban (QS,2:35).

     But the devil to deceive them so that eating the fruit of the ban. And over the denial of God’s prohibition, then Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise. "Get thee down, some of you an enemy to others, and you dwelling place on earth and fun until the appointed time!" (QS,2;3).

     In the ritual of Wukuf at Arafat, the process of creation and repentance is always colored in the hearts of each pilgrim. Arafat is also in the fields they soon realized his sins as he begged pardon of God. If God accepted their repentance in the course of the next life they do not sin again, then the shadow of heaven immediately in front of the eye.

      Peak Wukuf at Arafat is the sermon wukuf. In every sermon always, played his sermon the Prophet had to say during the last pilgrimage (hajj Farewell ‘) in about 10 years Hihriya. Not less than one hundred thousand pilgrims participated in the Messenger of Allah group.

      Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah in Zaadul Ma’ad, in an article, mentions that the Prophet Muhammad delivered sermons in which he expressed the rules of Islam, to destroy the joints of polytheism and ignorance.

      Prophet convey things that are forbidden, as is also forbidden any other divine religions, cancel god ignorant, to bequeath a good treatment of women by saying women’s rights that must be met and its obligations.

      "O people, your Lord is one and also one you come from. You all came from Adam, and Adam came from the ground. Heredity, skin color, the nation does not cause a person better than another. The most honored of you in the sight of God is the most pious. The Arabs are not more noble than the non-Arab, otherwise the non-Arab is no more noble than the Arabs. Similarly, people of color with blacks and vice versa blacks with people of color, except for piety. "Prophet’s message in his sermon.

      The message of this sermon is a universal brotherhood that denying differences between fellow human beings. In God’s eyes there is a difference because piety.Universal brotherhood is also beyond the boundaries of religion. This means that human beings remain brothers even though they adhere to different religions.

      This is implied from the sermon Prophet Muhammad, that mankind is one, ie, both descendants of Adam. Therefore they were brothers. And the essential brotherhood is the loss of hostility and resentment hatred among religious followers. Then specific to women, he also advised, "I order it for you guys to keep the woman with the best."

      This message means that women should be treated as any other human. In times of ignorance (before Islam) women are treated very badly by their environment, in which female babies murdered cruelly.

      In days of ancient Greece a woman is seen as being under a man and not get civil rights. He sold and purchased. Then under Roman law a woman does not get legal rights. Women should get custody of his father kept during his little and then by her husband for the remainder of his life. He was the object to be owned and inherited by men.

      Islam came to straighten it all. Islam respect women’s rights. On the issue of polygamy, Islam limits the number of wives only to four people. Islam outlined that marriage the second, third and fourth can not take place unless a husband can be fair to all. And to meet this fair is very difficult to realize. Therefore, monogamy is the primary choice (QS,4:3)

    Returning to the issue of universal brotherhood, if any followers of any religion in the world is aware of the messages of the holy religion, it is unnecessary disputes or wars between nations or among tribes that the name of religion respectively.

      In Islam, the brotherhood does not only consist of fellow Muslims, even includes atheists as long as they do not intend even hostile to Muslims. Prophet Muhammad gave a living example of peace and tolerance in a pluralistic environment. While in Medina, he declared a Madinah Charter, containing the guarantees to live in peace with people of other faiths. Also, when conquered Mecca, he guarantees every person, including a conquered enemy, in order to feel comfortable and safe. Church and synagogue can hold worship without having to overcome fear.

      Islam is a mercy for all of nature, it is only logical Muslims wherever they may be should be a good precursor for the environment. Because the best man is useful for other human beings.