Yada, Yada, Yada: Truth vs. Political Fiction

Recently I had a few moments to watch some of the prime time election coverage on two of the major broadcasting stations (Fox and MSNBC), although have attempted to insulate myself as much as possible from the coverage, such as it is. 

Unfortunately, I am one of the literally millions out of steady work, or working part time or for far less than my resume would justify in this progressive, unconstitutional America we now live in.

With all the spins as one who has been majorly impacted also progressively, I’d like to add my truth as opposed to the fiction that has been the mainstay of our media low these many years, and never more so than in the past three to four decades.

The Republicans are offering up more of the same this election cycle. 

More fascism in the form of corporatism. 

All major contenders from that side of the two party aisle hold those beliefs when it boils right down to it in one form or another. 

Even Dr. Paul with his positions of a "private" banking system in this country ala the Federal Reserve. 

Which was, of course, created by Congress back in 1913 so how it could be "private" rather than publicly governmentally created, I’ll never quite understand. 

And this is a major position of his, and it would seem all Republicans for the total lack of accountability and control which has been exerted over the Fed’s policies.

I’m experiencing a sense of deja vue this election cycle.

Even the candidates appearances look similar to the last cycle.  Newt Gingrich and Calista physically could be John McCain and Cindy visually. 

Mitt could be Mitt from last election. 

Ron Paul could be Ron Paul from last election. 

The only deviation from the script is Rick Santorum.  Who could not be Mike Huckabee.  But Huckabee got another gig on Fox and he isn’t in reruns quite yet.

As far as the Democrats – well, let’s just say that this is a rerun from last election cycle. 

Mr. Obama is criss-crossing the country trying to get re-elected, and seems he is making more and more of those public news conference speeches such as the one he made at the Daimler plant in North Carolina today.

Was an interesting speech, if I do say so myself.

In it were rerun positions insofar as developing "new energy sources" and explaining away the huge spikes in gasoline prices Americans are now facing, on top of their homelessness and joblessness which was bad last election cycle, but has considerably worsened the past four years with more and more finding themselves "outsourced" or "insourced" or just plain not needed anymore.

He referenced that the United States has "2% of the world’s oil, and uses 20%." 

Prices are based on supply and demand, or so it was represented.

I wonder if this war actually did end, and we truly did stop our involvement in the Middle East which has gone on now for over 3 decades, if that demand would lessen.

I mean, how much oil does your average Humvee or tanker use in a week over there?  Or jet fuel for those drones or fighters?  Or fuel for all those ships at sea in foreign ports?

I wonder what the figures are for oil consumption for the British – the "owners" of the huge major oil company in which that billion dollar settlement for the Gulf oil spill was recently announced.  Which costs of settlement, of course, will be paid by the American people once again at the pump.  

Oil which is refined in Britain, and then sold back to the American people at higher prices as a result.

How much of our oil do foreign governments or foreign domiciled companies own, I wonder?  How much of that precious 2%?

Also stated during this campaign stop was the huge increase in the number of cars in China now requiring fuel, and more excuses about just why we continue to remain in the Middle East for this "new" reason. 

Since so many Americans have lost their jobs due to most of our manufacturing base being absorbed by China and thus raising the economies of their country’s population, I guess I don’t wonder much why China would need so much oil for all those new cars they are buying.

They’ve actually got our jobs and money, for the most part so that they can afford those cars.

But this was left out of Mr. Obama’s speech.

Slams were taken at the "Republicans" who are now supporting entering another conflict in Syria, which were recently made by Mr. McCain, the senator from my former home state. 

We certainly do like using that war card also each and every election.

For ones we are currently involved in, or those which we can manufacture for the future to keep all those members of the military busy for decades to come.

Somehow also tying it into protecting America from those terrorists who apparently don’t like us being in their country for well on three decades and counting.

Yada, yada, yada…and so it goes…

I had been away for a few hours each day working at the only job which I could find which hardly suits my resume, but with gas now at almost $4.00 a gallon (my father remembers gas at .28 a gallon, and I when I started driving .33) I had to do what I could just to afford the gas I currently need to keep looking.

I’m helping one of those major retailers move from its old location to a new strip mall location off the interstate.  It will remain nameless due to a confidentiality agreement I was requested to sign prior to being offered the job moving boxes and boxes of merchandise and stocking shelves. 

My hours were recently cut, however, due to "over-scheduling."

So far I haven’t seen a single item which will be sold at this particular retailer that has been American made. 

All so far bear the stamp, "made in China."

And who ultimately owns this major retailer?

Bain Capital (aka Mitt Romney).

As I said…yada, yada, yada