Yahudi ki Ladki’ Agha hashr Kashmiri’s Popular Play

National school of drama (NSD), New Delhi and Indian People’s theater association (IPTA), Saharanpur’s one month(June-July) Theater workshop at Saharanpur, ended on high. Workshop culminated into YAHUDI KI LADKI. Agha Hashra Kasmiri’s Yahudi ki Ladki  is ‘PARSI’ is style of work.IPTA and NSD’S core initiative adapted ace writer’s Play with trainers Imtiaz Ahmed,Rishikesh Sharma and M.Shahid.There were two shows of Play at Janmanch,Gandhi Park,Saharanpur.

Yahudi ki Ladki

Agha hashr Kashmiri
Date: 5 and 6th July
Time: 7.00pm
venue: Janmanch Gandhi Park Saharanpur.
cast- members of IPTA Saharanpur

Indian People’s Theatre Association :Saharanpur Chapter

IPTA, Saharanpur started its operation way back in 1952 with IPTA’s National restructuring campagain. The decision to establish saharanpur chapter came at the1951 Mumbai meet, aimed to re-establish IPTA as progressive and cultural movement. All progressive creative forces of contemporary scenario culminated into a joint action Plan of IPTA. With likes of Kausar tasmini, Late masroor khan saroha and S.P Naib saharanpur chapter of IPTA found its new lease of life.

As we know Indian people’s theater association is a movement, a long living tradition instrumental in providing people a piece of meaningful infotainment.It influenced almost all the mass media, literature remains its most adopted media. Its style of working paved path for literary adaptations. Munshi Premchand stories found deeper roots in the masses, story adaptations into theater medium attracted rave reviews .Saharanpur wing maintained cordial relations with co-regional IPTA bodies at Agra, Meerut, lucknow, Allahabad and Jagadhari.

IPTA-saharanpur, due to certain circumstances couldn’t maintain its initial ‘Golden run’ .After 23 years of cultural activism silence, local MLA Sanjay garg and Ashok chaudhary took initiative to relaunch regional body. One of the founders,Garg served as Saharanpur- IPTA President for many years. Theater workshops with help of Tripurari sharma, Nukkad natak on contemporary issues of labourers and labour laws . About 20-25 nukkad natak were staged at various locations of city, the period emerged as Saharanpur-IPTA’s extreme activism phase.

IPTA’s history is tale of activism, reactivism, launch, relaunches. Like of activists such as V.K Dobhal, Chand durrani, Sardar anwar, Subodh lal and others have kept IPTA’s continuous mission alive.