You Don’t Have to be Superman to be a Mentor

 Sally Han, the founder of Psalms 91:1 Accessories, recently paid a visit to Korea to participate in a "One on One Mentoring Program" organized by K-Move. She shared her experience and her expertise as a jeweler to help and mentor fifteen girls at a rescue facility, recovering from challenging and vulnerable circumstances.


Sally and the K-Move mentoring program connected with three girls from the facility at this time. These three girls, who are still traumatized by their dark past, say they are looking forward to being empowered and restored, to gain better shaped lives as they learn to be loved and inspired by loving and caring facility caretakers. The following are brief stories of what these girls have gone through:

"Juhee is 19 and she lived with her dad and stepmom. Her dad was an alcoholic and he drank himself to death. Soon after, she got kicked out of her house by her stepmom and got lost on the streets. She ran into a very warm and kind looking couple who brought her into their home and gave her everything she needed. Later on she was told her she owed them a great debt and they sold her into prostitution at the age of 15. She was raped by many men and somehow escaped and thankfully ended up at the orphanage." [1]

"Hae-Soon and Hee-Young are sisters. The older sister, Hae-Soon is 24 and Hee-Young is 23. They lost their mom when they were 3 and 2 and have lived with their dad ever since. After their mom was gone, their uncle began to rape both girls without either of them knowing of the other. When the older sister came forward to tell their dad, he responded without much care choosing ignorance and soon after came to rape them both. Neither sister realized this was happening to the other until the dad tied them together in the same room and took payments from his friends to rape them as well. Somehow they both escaped to the rescue facility at the age of 14 and 13." [1]

Yes, these stories are horrible and alarming; they can surely makes you sick to the stomach. However, these are real tales that can only be shared with tears and agony. Despite these horrible incidents, Sally commented that these girls had "the warmest hearts." To the girls who have spent a few days with Sally, they have said that they were able to "build confidence to set more realistic goals, and act with determination to pursue their dreams with joy."

Everyone thinks they need a mentor, rather than desiring to become one. They don’t think that they know what it takes to be one. However, being a mentor is not about saving the world or sacrificing your life to save others. It is about being a friend to someone who needs to be the light that will shine as you walk side by side.

It’s time to step up and reach out! You will be surprised to know how valuable you are to someone and how you may learn more about your great strength as well. Accept the challenges and rewards of mentoring a young person and experience the benefits that will last each of you a lifetime.