Your Immune System


In case you are not aware of it, we need germs in our environment, in our lives, in our bodies. By striving to have a “Germ Free” environment, we are doing ourselves a great dis-service, by removing the one thing that our immune system needs to function properly and protect us. In other words we are actually harming ourselves on purpose.

Striving to create a germ free environment is in actuality destroying a part of our eco-system that is vital to our health and safety, not just for us as adults but also for our kids, and our kids kids. All plant and animal life has a defence system built into it, but if you systematically kill and control, all germs and viruses, these defence systems won’t know how to work.

Eventually our immune system which is within each person and does such a fantastic job to keep us healthy, will end up attacking us and killing off those parts of us it was created to protect, simply because our immune system won’t know the difference.

What are we doing to our immune system? If it were functioning properly and to full capacity, then why is it the each autumn we are being told to replace the flu shot from the previous year?

I’m not writing this to knock doctors or the medical field in general. These people spend many years to learn the basics of their profession in order to practice medicine and to serve the general public, but truth be known their knowledge is limited as new and improved diseases crop up and a new cure must be found to handle them, and things aren’t going to get better for a long time.

Have you ever thought about or wondered why doctors call their businesses their “Practice” ?

Is it maybe because no matter how much they study and learn and know, they can never be 100% sure of what is what? Have you ever wondered why, after your doctor has diagnosed you for this or that, that sometimes he has to refer you to a specialist to confirm his diagnosis?

I am so fed up with the medical profession telling us that eating this or that is not good for you, when in fact, in many cases either they don’t really know, or it is just the opposite.

Case in point: about 15-20 years ago, the medical community came out saying that eating eggs was unhealthy for us, mostly because of the cholesterol content in eggs. Hmmm? Oddly enough the chickens making these eggs never got sick or died from producing them, so how is it if we consume them we are at risk. Is cholesterol only unhealthy for humans and not for the chicken that produces it.

Then about 5 years or even less, after this report came out, the report from another study on eggs, declared eggs okay to eat again, the cholesterol in eggs was not that dangerous after all and the egg producers flooded the market with adds to get people back to their products.

In the same time period, the medical profession came out warning us not to eat “Red Meat”, “BEEF” for this was now harmful to us, yet, “PORK” another source of “Red Meat” was okay to eat. Then a few months down the road, oh it’s okay to eat “Red Meat”, Beef so long as it is “Lean” almost fat free. Trimming out all the fat simply destroys the flavor and texture of meat, and isn’t that what we pay our hard earned money for, flavor, or do you like chewing leather, or cardboard?

None of our meats we buy, none of our veggies we buy, has the same flavour they did 50 years ago with organic this and that we have destroyed them, and I’m not so sure it is all that healthy for us either.

Bees are extremely important to the growth of most of our veggies and fruits. Their polenation aids in their growth as well as the taste. Yet a report from the agricultural department just the other day reported that those bees are dying being possibly killed off by these “Organically” grown and produced crops. In other words these “Organically engineered” products are killing the one insect that helps them to grow and taste good.

We all know that drinking of “Alcohol” is not good for you, but, a glass of wine is healthy for you and for your heart, but wait a minute, that’s wrong too, alcohol, wine, can attack your liver with cholesterol too not to mention clogging your major veins or ateries.

Jogging or running is supposed to be good exercise for your circulatory system, your vascular system especially, but your heart is a muscle and if you over exert it, it’s heart attack time, not to mention the damage you could do to your feet and legs.

These are but a few of major “Don’ts, the medical profession have come out with and later altered or reversed.

I’m also fed up with the medical profession and big business pushing down our throats these antiseptic, germ free, cleansing products to kill germs and viruses to keep us safe, and yet governments are quietly, behind our backs building germs viruses, that can be used to kill hundreds, thousands, in one application either airborne or in our food or water systems. Terrorism can do much more damage that cancer anytime.

I have a lady friend who is a major “Health nut. She exercises, eats the right foods, she’s a vegetarian who washes her veggies before eating them, she’s in fantastic shape for a woman in her late 30′s, and she’s always encouraging me to watch my diet and my weight etc., but, she’s just been diagnosed with cancer. Here is a woman who had dedicated her life to helping others as a diabetic therapist, promoting healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle for others yet she gets struck with cancer.

Here is a little known fact about cancer that is kept from you. Medicine and medical research knows this but are afraid to share it with the general public for fear of starting a panic. Each and every person on earth has within him or her self the “Cancer gene” In some it could remain dormant for your entire life, yet for those unlucky few, it could come to life and then you have to deal with the sickness.

Knowing this I had to ask myself, what good it did her to live such a healthy life style, only to be attacked with cancer when someone like me who is 65, a little over weight, eats what he likes doesn’t exercise and smokes cigarettes is as strong as an ox.

I’m stating all of this, in order to draw your attention to one major point.

People today are so worried and concerned about what they use or consume, so you have “Organic this and Organic that” trying so hard to improve what you come into contact with, that in the end, you may be doing yourselves more harm than good. You wash your vegetables with an antiseptic to wash away the possibility of germs. You scour your clothes and yourselves with antiseptic detergents trying to become as “Germ Free” as possible.

The fact is, in doing all of this, you could be damaging your warning system, your immune system. How you ask? Think about it. Your immune system is there to detect, attack, and destroy, anything that is harmful and dangerous to your body. But, if you remove any or all trace of germs or bacteria from you and your environment, your immune system stops, shuts down just like a person with A.I.D.S.

Their bodies immune system is no longer able to function properly and do its job to protect you. Your immune system doesn’t know anymore what to fight, so it starts to attack your healthy parts, thinking them foreign.

This was simply demonstrated about 1976 in a Hollywood production called “The Boy In The Plastic Bubble. It’s the story of a young boy who at birth, doctors discovered that the boy’s immune system was not strong, so they put him inside this plastic bubble. His mom fed him inside this contraption, he was raised and taught inside this bubble, and yes he started getting better and better, until he was almost a normal boy, almost that is except that his immune system was no longer able to function properly and do it’s job to recognize germs or danger.

The doctors thought he was fially well enough to exit the bubble for short periods, which he started doing. His family was able to visit with him but he was still not permitted any form of contact. One day a friend visits him and happens to have a cold. The two boys were breathing the same air and the boy in the plastic bubble accidently breathes in the cold virus.

His body, his immune system had shut off for so long because of his confinement in the plastic bubble, his immune system didn’t know how to react. Yes it attacked the cold virus but the virus had made its way into the boys system, so systematically the immune system begins attacking the boy’s healthy parts too.

Okay in this case it was just a movie, but in actual fact in reality, you may be causing this to happen to your own bodies your own systems as you do your best to build a germ-free environment for yourselves. You could end up destroying you immune system by not permitting it to do the job it was designed to do, destroy germs and disease.

In theory, doctors have your best interests at heart when they tell you things. Obviously they can’t earn money off a corpse.