Zalicus shares drop along with drug

11 January 2013 (; Zalicus (earlier known as Combinatory) is a pharmaceutical company that not a very long time ago experienced a tremendous downfall. The company is a big component of the medical industry and bears a rich and long history of associations with ‘Big Pharmacy’. The company had come out with a remedial solution for rheumatoid arthritis. This medicine was called ‘Synavive of Zalicus’ and was scrapped as it did not have any effect clinically. This drug that it had produced was considered and projected as its top preparation. However it came across an obstacle which it seemed to have not foreseen. As a result of this unexpected incident a sudden and unexpected downfall was caused.

A lot of people who were looking forward to this new development in the field of medicine were left disappointed and disheartened. A majority of these people were patients who depended on steroids that cause side effects as a form of medication. The treatment was supposed to serve as a substitute or alternative to these. It not only led to a loss of the potential and promise that this solution had showcased, but also led to the decline of the commerce related to the drug. A significant financial loss was recorded as the shares of the company dropped drastically. The news of this drop in its share market were all over the media. Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter were flooded with updates about the issue.

This whole situation that Zalicus had found itself to be in was a sign that the research and development team had failed. It turned out to be a failure that cost them dearly. While its financial status has impacted its shares, the company needs to hereafter come up with revival methods and measures in order to recover from this crisis in the share market.

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