Zalicus’s arthritis drug makes it shares keel over

Zalicus, a biotech based pharmaceutical company has encountered a potent shock with respect to the failure of its lead drug that also showed a significant impact on its market shares as they rolled down drastically.

This drug manufacturing company has ceased its drug allied studies due to the unsuccessful efficacy results obtained from the phase IIb clinical trial study of its one of the major clinical medication for treatment against rheumatoid arthritis.

The failure of the drug Synavive of Zalicus has not only proved disappointing to the drug company but also to the patients who were looking forward for an effective and safe therapeutic option.

The phase IIb clinical trial reported that the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients treated with the drug named Synavive showed statistically significant results in terms of enhancement in the clinical signs and symptoms related to moderate as well as severe RA as compared to that of placebo.

The study that was carried out for 12 weeks measured the outcomes with Disease Activity Score (DAS28-CRP) showed around 17% improvement in the test group; while the placebo group showed a 10% improvement.

But, the drug missed out the crucial secondary endpoint of the study that focused on obtaining a successful clinical advantage of the active glucocorticoid metabolite of Synavive as compared with that of 2.7 mg Prednisolone by assessment through the DAS28-CRP measure.

Mark H.N.Corrigan, CEO of the drug company said that the Pharma Company aims to discontinue the further progression in the clinical trial study of the drug due to its insignificant clinical data. He also added that this disappointment with respect to Synavive can be made up with the other drugs in pipeline namely Z160 and Z944.

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