A glass of milk a day, keeps your obesity away

22 August 2012, USA, California( Xmaspharmacy.com): A latest and breakthrough clinical research implication proved that a natural component present in milk has the potential to shield overweight individuals against obesity. This research may result in a wide range of future implications as milk is easily available as well as affordable.
The research that was carried out on the mice showed that they lose their weight even after relishing on a fat-rich diet.

The researchers carried out the experiment with the view of finding out a better alternative route to enhance the activity of the SIRT1 gene, which is proven to play a beneficial role in the biochemical metabolism as well as longevity.

And, this search lead to the investigation of nicotinamide riboside, a potent and valuable ingredient present in milk. The study team assumed that there might be an easy and straightforward way to achieve the target that is, by enhancing NAD+ levels (a cofactor) in the body, a molecular helper of SIRT1.

Johan Auwerx, one of the lead researchers of the study said that a simple approach to weight loss lies in a food that we have been taking from the first day of our life on earth. This miraculous ingredient of milk is not only appealing and a naturally available product but, the fact that it gets easily snared within the cells makes it a marvelous component with great potentials.

The lab animals that took higher amounts of the milk substance, nicotinamide riboside in addition to the consumption of the diet rich in fat were found to burn higher amounts of fat content, thereby executing a shielding effect against obesity.

The mice treated with the milk component were also found to run faster than previously, which is attributed to the improved muscle endurance.

The scientists are of the vision that this naturally available ingredient of milk may prove to dole out as an innovative, unique and novel type of metabolism boosting supplement, as a future perspective.