A Large Gold Nugget Found Using A Metal Detector

Commentary: I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing as I listened to the CBS News the other evening and the reporter announced an Australian prospector had found a 12-pound gold nugget in the area of the "Golden Triangle" near the town of Ballarat.

The prospector took the nugget into a Mining Exchange Gold Shop in Ballarat for weighing and the Y-shaped nugget weighed 12.1 pounds and it measured 8.7 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. The prospector stated that he had found the nugget by using a metal detector.

The Mining Exchange Gold Shop estimated its worth to be at least $300,000. This was such a rewarding jackpot that I believe the prospector will be searching for years to get an even larger treasure in the future. I wish him all the success in the world in finding another one.

I’ve walked beaches a lot of times in my life using a metal detector in search of finding lost items but I’ve never found anything resembling a gold nugget. I do believe if I ever did find one, they would have to pick me up off the beach and carry me to the nearest hospital.

I saw the gold nugget displayed on the CBS News and in my opionion, it looked as though it had been melted into the form of a Y-shaped nugget. It’s my belief though the nugget has had an exciting journey throughout many countries and for countless years and its form was shaped from the constant rubbing and friction on the ocean’s bottom. I do believe there is more out there where this came from because of its size and its foem.

The chance of a person finding a large gold nugget is probably one time in an eternity. I’m going to get out my metal detector and do some search too. I’ve never had much luck in the past but who knows what I’ll find in the future?

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and it is based on a story on the CBS News.

 CBS News