Ambrose keen to seize chance

"It is just one game at the moment," said Wicketkeeper Tim Ambrose.

"I’ve been told that Matt has gone back and I’ve got this match to try and get us back into the series.

"I don’t know anything that will happen beyond this match as far as the team goes, but I know that Matt will be back in time for the Trinidad Test.

"Like anyone who has been in the England side and had a taste of the top level and then gets left out, you’re desperate to get back in.

"You go away and work on the things you feel you need to improve on to get you back and that is what I’ve been doing in the time I’ve had out.

"At my age (26) and at my stage of my career I think there is some unfinished business with England and I’d like to try and push on with that."

"There isn’t much time to feel sorry for yourself in this game and life goes on," said Ambrose.

"I was pleased with my performances in my first stint as England wicketkeeper although I’d like to have contributed a bit more in the series with South Africa because that was such an important series for us.

"It was very disappointing not to come out on top in that one and I wanted to contribute more."

"Certainly if they asked me," Ambrose said.

"Just to get into the XI for England is my aim, so any job they ask me to do I’ll only be too happy to give it everything I’ve got.

"It is a chance to help win a game for England and that is what we’re here for.

"We’ve got a series to win and we’re 1-0 behind so we have to get back into it in this game.

"It is a chance for me to contribute towards winning a Test match."

"Yes it is a bit earlier than I was expecting, but knowing beforehand that I’d be getting a game meant I’ve been preparing for it and I feel pretty ready for the week ahead," Ambrose added.

"Clearly it’s a special set of circumstances," said England Cricket managing director, Hugh Morris.

"Matt is well aware of the situation we are in out here but we have provision for paternity leave and he is within his rights to take that.

"It’s now obviously a challenge for the selectors out here to look at."