American film badly hurt the sentiments of Muslims: JeI

Srinagar, September 14 (Scoop News)-   Jamaat-e-Islami J&K, strongly condemning the American film based on prevarication.


Jamaat-e-Islami in a statement said that all those who are involved in planning, producing, releasing and promoting the American film “Innocence of Muslims” which is based on derogatory, disgraceful, defamatory, contemptuous and blasphemous material quite against the historical facts, have very badly hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims living in every part of the globe and as such invited trouble for them. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is dearer to every Muslim than his own life and property and no Muslim can tolerate any disrespect or disregard to this most sacred personality who is the leader of all the Messengers appointed by the Creator of this universe.


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Advocate Zahid Ali,Spokesperson,Jamaat-e-Islami said that if America is true in its claim of being against any kind of the religious blasphemy, then it should lose no time in taking stern action against these enemies of the humanity


 In the name of the freedom of speech, no one allowed to defame a historical personality considered to be the greatest even by those who do not even believe in his being the last Messenger of Allah. He is most beneficent to the humanity and has once again revived the true human sense at the time when humankind had lost all the human traits,.

Zahid said.

One who knows the history cannot deny this fact if he is not biased and mentally deranged person like the maker of this insulting film.

When the whole world was engulfed in the sheer darkness, Allah sent Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.) with the bright light but America and most of the western countries are still roaming in darkness and the day is not away when the world will be brightened by the light of Quran and the enemies of Islam will vanish like the smoke in air.


Jammat welcomes the statement of Ghulam Rasool Malik calling for formulating a joint strategy to prevent recurrence of such events and charting out a joint protest programme.