An Inspirational Session for Ajuba employees with Capt.Bavicca

 September, 2011: Ajuba Solutions India Pvt Ltd, a leading Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) company in the city organized a motivational session for its employees as part of an inspirational series. Addressing the event was the world’s youngest commercial license pilot and Commander Capt.Bavicca Bharathi. The session captured the young girl’s journey to becoming the leading lady at the cock pit. Her determination to fulfill her dreams and overcome the challenges was the highlight of the event.

Capt.Bavicca shared her unique experience bringing out the hurdles she had faced during her pilot training. Unfazed by the rocky challenges ahead of her as a teenager she made an astounding decision to take on flying as her career. In her decision, her mother Ms..Judith Jeslin proved to be a pillar of support through it all and took a step further by joining her daughter in the training. The duo went on to become the first ever mother-daughter pair to do the same. 

She was a live example of how dreams, no matter how big or impossible can be fulfilled if one pursues it with passion. Trust, determination and team work were the ingredients to her accomplishments. While addressing the young audience at Ajuba she emphasized the need to trust the team that one works with in order to achieve one’s goals. Her experiences reinforced the belief that commitment and focus can help scale a person to greater heights – literally! It was indeed an inspiring evening for the employees who actively participated in the session and interacted with her.

About Ajuba:

Ajuba is part of the MiraMed Global Services group which is headquartered in Michigan USA and has offices across various US states and operation centers at Jackson –Michigan, Chicago-Illinois and Portland-Oregon. MiraMed Global Services stands as the premier global provider of business process outsourcing solutions to healthcare organizations in the US.

The key to its success is the group’s unique business model that has evolved over the last thirty one years. Under this model, the group pairs healthcare industry experts with world-class processes, infrastructure and technology to deliver meaningful and measurable results.  This proprietary model enables sustainable change by delivering a complete, customizable “end-to-end” solution devised to meet a client’s own unique financial and organizational needs. Today, MiraMed group is one of the larger healthcare BPOs in the United States, employing nearly 2,500 healthcare professionals worldwide, serving more than 700 hospitals and 6,000 providers while processing nearly $4billion in payments annually.