Animal welfare organization and kindness clubs

For the survival of human race, man has to depend and to be in love with the lower ladder of creations, animal and plant kingdoms. He has to co-exist with them in his own interest. By imparting humane education to young children, they could be made to know that man with his superior intelligence should treat his brother creation, namely, plant and animal kingdoms with respect and love. If children should be made aware that animals are also children of god and feel pain, pleasure, joy and sorrow as human beings, they will be kind and considerate to human beings as well, when they grow up. As children are receptive by nature, the teachers can plant the seed of kindness in the minds of them. It is now felt by scholars that lessons on animal welfare, nature study, ecology, pollution should be included in the syllabus of schools as they will help the children to shape their careers on the on the right lines. The teacher should teach in the classroom that presentation to cruelty to any living being, be it man, animal, or plant, and living giving help and relief to any living being is a sacred duty of one. Lessons on animals and their welfare and including them in the text books in the syllabus go a long way in inculcating humane education and imbibing noble thoughts in children.

It is further suggest that in all schools a few hours should be set for teaching kindness and mercy to animals. The animal welfare organization in the country may start more kindness clubs in schools in their respective areas as these clubs will go a long way in inculcating love and affection to animals and promoting their welfare. The aim of humane education is not merely preventing cruelty to animals, as the very practice of it will make children attain the noble attributes of life gaining cultural, social and spiritual uplift which are vitally essential for leading a happy and noble life. It is necessary to quote in this context that a philosopher has said that `training of the intellect is not sufficient. Nothing in this world can be truer than the education of the head, without the training of the heart, simply increasing power of evil, while the education of the heart, along with the head, increase the power for good, and this indeed, is the true education.