APCA warned of 2 days weekly strike if their demand not fulfilled

APCA warned of complete 2 days weekly strike if their demand not fulfilled.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA)  warned of 2 days weekly complete strike on Thursday and Friday. It was decided in an emergency meeting of APCA at its office under the chair of Ameerul Mulk president APCA Chitral. President briefed the participants about a notice to government by provincial leadership of APCA regarding their demand.  All members of APCA Chitral showed their fully confidence on provincial leadership and express their fully support and cooperation.  They said that APCA Chitral is ready for any sacrifice on the call of APCA provincial leaders. They strongly demanded from Federal and provincial government for issuing notification of up-gradation and time scale of clerks immediately. They urged on government for giving them their genuine right and not compelled them to came on roads if the government used delay tactics. They also demanded from the government implementation and fulfillment of APCA 16 points charters demand without any further delay. They announced that until fulfillment of their demand they will observe 2 days weekly complete (token) strike at Chitral on Thursday and Friday. They will follow any announce and directions  of provincial leadership of APCA for gaining their right. The meeting  disbursed peacefully. A large number of Clerks participated in the meeting.
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