Asaram Bapu’s Actual Statement on Damini Rape case

If we listen to Asaram Bapu’s Actual and complete Statement on Damini Rape case without editing or any anchor adding his or her own words between every staement we would Salute Asaram Bapu’s Message on the incident. 

Question 1.. Did Bapuji say Victim was guilty? Taali ek haath se nahi bajti??

Answer. Bapuji never said victim was guilty, He said she should have acted according to the situation and call the culprits as a brother to divert their mindset which could have helped to avoid this incident.

Question 2. What was Bapuji said about boarding a private bus?

Answer. Bapuji said…if ladki was vigilant and sense a danger by boarding a private bus, she could have escaped being targeted.

Q3. Did Bapuji said anything against of Daughters of India?

Answer. Bapuji always talk about protecting women and He never said anything against to them, in fact; Bapuji showed His mercy and offered to help victim’s family.

Q4. What is Bapuji’s message to Daughters of India?

Answer. Bapuji says if all daughters of India take a Saraswatya Mantra diksha and chant this holy Mantra to protect them from all problems. Holy name of God will protect from all adverse situations.

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