Babies For Sale Racket Busted.

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia:

   Police in the state of Johore busted a baby-for-sale racket on Friday when it raided a medical centre in Johor Bahru. A Doctor who owned the Medical Centre was arrested, along with his wife and several staffs.

    Also detained was a National Registration Department official who was responsible in providing forged Birth Certificates and adoption documents. Several middlemen who acted for the interested parties were also arrested.

   According to couples who have adopted babies provided by the syndicate, the babies were from several sources. Among them were ladies who wanted to have abortions.

    In such cases women were advised to continue with their pregnancies and when the time comes the clinic would provide birthing facilities. They would also take care of the infants in the meantime.

     The infants would be then sold to interested couples. The quoted price may vary according to witnesses.  Babies of Chinese origin were sold at USD4,000 and up to USD6,000. Those from the other races would go at USD3,000.

     The state of Johor’s Police Chief, Datuk Mokhtar Shariff confirmed the arrest of the suspects.