BJP brokering PDP, Separatists alliance: Rana



Nagrota/Jammu, August 11 (Scoop News) – BJP is brokering a deal between the PDP and the separatists to form an alliance between the BJP, PDP and the separatists, stated Devender Singh Rana, Political Advisor to the Chief Minister while addressing series of public meetings at Jadi, Nagrota and Dansal in Nagrota assembly constituency here today.


Rana said BJP which created PDP is working overtime to convince the separatists to openly support the PDP and forge an alliance with the PDP to fight the next assembly elections together. He said Ram Jethmalani the senior BJP leader was in Srinagar recently at the behest of the BJP High Command to work out the modalities for the said alliance which will be an alliance of opportunist forces.


Rana termed Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s recent outbursts against the Congress as an agenda tutored by the BJP and said Mehbooba’s praises for Modi’s government showcase the PDP’s deep intent to act as BJP’s  B team in Jammu and Kashmir.


He said the BJP which has understood that it has lost its moorings in the entire country with its own leader L.K Advani having acknowledged defeat in the forthcoming parliamentary elections is a divided house in the state and is now making a desperate effort to cobble up forces in Jammu and Kashmir which have always played with the destiny of the people of J&K and tried to create a divide between the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their personal political benefits and disharmony in Jammu and Kashmir.


He said the BJP, PDP and separatists alliance is welcome to face the next assembly elections together because he has no doubt in his mind that the secular people of Jammu and Kashmir will reject them and teach them a lesson at the hustings.


Rana said the BJP and the PDP have a tacit understanding while they oppose each other tooth and nail outwardly they are hand in glove with each other internally. He said while the BJP’s base has been eroded considerably in Jammu province, it is looking for borrowed crutches of the PDP which in itself is in shambles and is exposed before the people of the state as a party of opportunists who indulge in rhetoric to play to the gallery and are bereft of any agenda or ideology.


The Political Advisor said this unholy alliance between the BJP and the PDP is dangerous for the composite, secular character of Jammu and Kashmir and was confident that the people will rise to the occasion and defeat such forces.


Rana urged all the secular forces to get together and unitedly fight the divisive, communal forces led by the PDP and the BJP which history has proved time and again can go to any extent to disseminate the basic character of the people of the Jammu and Kashmir. He said he has no doubt in his mind that Amarnath Land row was orchestrated by the PDP in connivance with the BJP to dislodge the Ghulam Nabi Azad government little realizing that it will go out of their hands and take the state to a point of a virtual divide. Had the National Conference which is a bridge between the different regions and different societal components, not rose to the occasion and helped the Union government and the state administration to an amicable peaceful settlement of the issue to the satisfaction of all the stake holders the state was on the verge of an anarchical catastrophe perpetuated by the PDP and the BJP.



He said 2002 to 2005 when Mufti Mohammad Sayeed ruled the state was a period of hollow slogans, melodramatic tall claims and assertions – an era of selling of dreams, dreams which had a disconnect with the ground realities and taking credit for issues and happenings which were not even remotely connected or under the preview of the state government like taking credit for the Uri – Muzafarabad road, improved Indo-Pak relations, opening of trade route between the two sides of Jammu and Kashmir which were exclusively the result of improved Indo-Pak relations and sustained efforts of the successive Union governments and had nothing to do with the state government whatsoever. Rana said 2002 to 2005 was an era when corruption was at its peak and governance was in total disarray.


Rana said 2009 came as a whiff of fresh air for the people of the state when Omar Abdullah led coalition government took over the reins of the state and took upon itself the challenge to rebuild the institutions and put systems and processes of governance in place. He said in the last three years the revival of the State Accountability Commission, the enactment of RTI Act and setting up of RTI Commission, the enactment of the Public Service Guarantees Act, the setting up of the State Vigilance Commission are great historic initiatives in that direction.



Rana said the greatest milestone was the elections to the Panchayats which was a great initiative to empower the people at the grass root level after almost three decades. He empathetically said that powers have been devolved to the panchayats and after the second and the third tier come into place which will be happening soon the state’s Panchyati Raj system will be the most robust system in the country. Castigating those who have initiated a disinformation campaign about the lack of powers to the panchayats, Rana said the powers that lay with the panchayats today make them more potent and empowered than the panchayats in the neighbouring states like Himachal, Punjab and Haryana.


Addressing the meetings at these places Rattan Lal Gupta Provincial President J&K National Conference called upon the party rank and file to come forward and strengthen the hands of the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and take the programme and policies of the party at every door step.


Those who were present in the meetings included Rameshwar Dutt, Block President, Som Nath Khajuria, Ch Rehmat Ali Sarpanch, Bharat Singh Sarpanch, Noor Mohd, Sarpanch,  Joginder Lal Sarpanch, Kulbushan Singh Sarpanch, Mohd Sadiq Sarpanch, Angrez Singh, Sarpanch, Balwan Singh Sarpanch, Sarajdin Sarpanch, Khurshaid Ali, Sarpanch, Raghubir Singh Sarpanch, Ch. Sultan Niab Sarpanch, Mohinder Sharma, Puran Singh Numbardar, Kuldeep Kumar, Kulwant Singh, Mangal Singh, Dhnanter Singh, Bashir, Suman, Sirshta Sharma, Noor Jahan and others.


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