Case of Murdered US Peace Corps. Volunteer Julia Campbell Drags on

It’s been a year now since US Peace Corp. Volunteer Julia Campbell was senselessly murdered last April 8, 2007 in Batad Banaue, Ifugao where the world’s famous rice terraces is located. It was recalled that Julia Campbell was alone when treacherously murdered while walking and taking up pictures amid the breath taking view of rice terraces.

The suspect, who has met Ms. Campbell in his store prior to the killing, was well aware of his action. Days after he surrendered, Juan Dontogan demonstrated on how he managed to kill the hapless victim and showed the exact place where he murdered and buried Julia Campbell.

But one year after the suspect admitted the crime of murder before the panel of investigators which was showed on national TV, the family of Julia Campbell has yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The court proceedings had dragged on, taking a toll on the family of the victim.

And one year after the crime was committed, the long court hearings made the defense and the suspect’s alibis changed the previous admission of guilt. And the way the court proceedings are going, the case is getting muddier by the day.

Ms. Julia Campbell was in her last days of volunteer work in Bicol region, one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. But before that, she had a long stint in Southern Tagalog where she helped rural folks to be productive members of the community. At that time, she was already scheduled to return to her native land when she decided to visit rice terraces up north.

But unfortunately, she ended murdered and indiscriminately buried in a shallow mound of earth. Julia Campbell’s death was mourned by the people whom she helped redeemed their rights to live in a just and fair society. Ironically, her life was unfairly and unjustly ended by a murderous bum.