Cindy Michaels: Maine TV Anchor Looks Like Sarah Palin

Cindy Michaels, a news anchor for WVII TV in Bangor, Maine has been receiving unknown phone calls and stares since John McCain announced Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. The reason behind these calls is that Michaels bears a striking resemblance to Palin from her signature up-do to rectangular glasses.

At first, Cindy Michaels was flattered by her comparisons to Palin, but she started receiving nasty voice messages from unidentified callers. When Michaels delivered a newscast without wearing her glasses, one caller said "What is this K-Mart version of Sarah Palin… What did you do, lose your cheap-o glasses?"

Michaels says she has been wearing her hair up and glasses for her whole life. She thinks that some people are taking out aggression they have towards Palin on her because the two bear a physical resemblance. "Maybe they don’t believe in her, maybe they don’t want her as Vice President. So if they wanted to say something to her, maybe they thought, ‘by saying something to Cindy, it’s like saying something to her.’"  

Cindy Michaels says she will not alter her appearance. "I don’t think I look like her," she says. "I think I look like me!"

Source: WVII