Congress Party always anti- Sikhs: Sikh front

Jammu, January 21(Scoop News) –Chairman of National Sikh front and senior leader of BJP S. Varinder Jeet Singh today said that the speech of Rahul Gandhi at Jaipur has once again established the belief that Congress party had always been anti- Sikhs and always will be. He said that Rahul Gandhi was able to see the tears in the eyes of Rajiv A Gandhi on the death of Indira Gandhi but he was not able to see the tears on the thousands and lakhs of sikh families outside and inside Delhi when they were brutally massacred in the after month of Indira Gandhi’s death and they are till date demanding justice.

In Rahul Gandhi’s speech he mentioned about Indira Gandhi’s murder by her bodyguards and by doing this he once again made the wounds of Sikh’s green and fresh after 3 decades.

Rahul Gandhi mentioned about the tears of Rajiv Gandhi but he never said one word on the after killings that took place and thousands of Sikhs were killed and left homeless.

S. Varinder Jeet Singh also criticized the statement of home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde in which he said that BJP and RSS are running terror camps. He said that by such statements the country will disintegrate and the brotherhood will be damaged in the country. Such home minister shall be dismissed out rightly.