D’Jungle Fever

 Good Day hockey fans and welcome to another post of "WHEN THE PUCK ROCKS". Yesterday was the semi final for the division 3 between The D’Jungle Magic and Metro Stars while for the division 2 was between Warriors and the Underdogs. Couldn’t get a highlight on the division 2 games due to a complication but no worries we still have division 3 matching against each other for the Presidential Cup finale spot on the playoff.


Yesterday match was intense between the two team as both team fight it all out on the ice. On the first period D’Jungle Magic push their attack all the way out and giving no mercy at all to the Metro Star by giving them full 3 point lead score on the game. Metro Star defended well but it seem the D’Jungle Magic seem to see some of those empty spot on the ice and took that opportunity into their advantage. At the end of first period the coach change their strategy and both team gave another shot on the ice, Second period start out into another devastating attack from D’Jungle Magic which put them up to more points on the board with 8 points  leading again on the game, it such a devastating attack that it demoralize Metro Star from doing much action As the third period come into play Metro Star try to make a come back defended tightly and push on a few attack but as the period about coming to an end D’Jungle Magic made it through their defense and knock another two puck to their basket which make them end the at 10 points.

Overall the match was passionately play by both team and most of them did a great job on the game. The advantage of D’Jungle Magic is that most of them are experience player even for their goaltender, Some people say it’s not fair because a few of the D’Jungle Player have played in division 2 before which they played with senior player which also make them more experience then other player but then again the age limit are legal for their age to play for the division 3 so it still consider fair in a certain sense. While for Metro Star they have good players but their goaltender need to practice more, Metro Star goaltender is very new and have quite little experience but from the match it seem that she still did a good job on a few hard save and for doing her best that is still consider something rather then just being a stand up goaltender and watching the puck goes in the basket without even trying to dive.

and here are the scorer for the match

D’Jungle Magic

1st Period – 8.45 – 9

1st Period – 6.05 – 9 assisted by 25

1st Period – 1.13 – 9

2nd Period – 13.57 – 9 assisted by 44

2nd Period – 11.28 – 28

2nd Period – 10.25 – 9

2nd Period – 6.35 – 1

2nd Period – 2.30 – 9 assisted by 15

3rd Period – 5.55 – 28

3rd Period – 2.00 – 9

Well that’s all for now hockey fans hope you people have a great day and if you are free today and have nothing to do at home come by to the Sunway Ice Skating Rink to check out the final match of the Presidential Cup, Match will start at 6pm and it’s free. So come watch and experience Malaysia hockey at it best.