First Lady & Daughter read from book at National Book Festival

WASHINGTON, DC (GroundReport) – First lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna read from their own book Saturday at the National Book Festival in Washington.

As the mother and daughter writing team were about to read their new book called  ”Read All About It!,” they realized that children in the audience could not see the pictures in the book. The book is about a boy who at first doesn’t like to read books until strange visitors capture his attention.

Nonetheless, the youngsters were encouraged closer to the stage inside the tent where the authors sat.

”We might be in trouble with security, but we’re sure they’re (the children) safe,” said Jenna Hager, reports The Associated Press.

Mrs. Bush, who is an ex-librarian told the children that the idea for the book came from a former student.

Jenna Hager said she was mesmerized  by her mom’s classroom stories.

”We were so inspired by Tyrone and other kids like him that we decided we should write about what we know — and I think what we know are kids and books,” Jenna Hager was quoted as saying by AP.