Five Militants Killed In Dara Adam Khel by Security Forces

Kohat: 7-10-2008

Five militants were killed in artillery fire and 27 arrested on surrendering to security forces on Tuesday during security forces operation in Dara Adam Khel tribal area. Security forces had opened artillery fire on militant hide outs in Tor Chapar, Akhurwal and Peerwal Khel areas of Dara Adam Khel.  

In Abbas square of Dara Adam Khel, a land mine exploded when security forces convoy had crossed the square. No loss of life was reported.


In an armed clash between militants and security forces in Sheen Dhand tribal area of Kohat three security forces men were critically injured. Injured JCO Noor Shah Gul, soldier Gul Rasool and Nisar were admitted in CMH hospital Kohat.


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Abdur Raziq