Former Monaco Spy Robert Eringer Back in Spotlight as U.S./Russia Geopolitical Tension Grows

Robert Eringer, former Monaco intelligence adviser, has faded from the public spotlight since his controversial post as intelligence adviser to Prince Albert II of Monaco ended in a French lawsuit that found him guilty of defamation and suspect of an attempt to extort Prince Albert II. But growing geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Russia following the election of Vladimir Putin as President indicate the legal woes of Robert Eringer may be far from over.

For those unfamiliar with the legal case, Prince Albert II became one of Robert Eringer’s favorite targets on his self-run and self-created network of blogs. Robert Eringer was found guilty by Paris courts of posting false and defamatory information about Prince Albert of Monaco and ordered to remove the content and pay steep fines for slandering the Prince and many members of his staff.

What’s lesser known is that Robert Eringer also went after Russian President Vladimir Putin on his blog, alleging Vladimir Putin was using Monaco to launder money. Robert Eringer also told reporters at the U.K.’s Independent that Prince Albert II accepted “gifts and expensive trips from Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minster, and Sergei Pugachev, a Kremlin banker.”

With heightened conflict between Russia and the United States, the Kremlin is rumored to be taking a closer look at American “intelligence advisers” like Robert Eringer for contributing to the acrimonious relations between the two countries and attempting to mudsling where no such mud is verifiably extant. 

Russian lawyers and investigators say Robert Eringer has strongly worsened the perception of Russia’s investment climate. Vladimir Putin is not known for going lightly on his opponents. In one of his famous statements about the case of former Russian oil baron Mikhail Khodorkovsky, President Putin said in 2010 “a thief must be in prison.”

In addition to reviewing Robert Eringer’s daily blog posts for slander and libelous content against President Putin and other prominent leaders, Russian officials say an investigation of Robert Eringer’s tax filings may begin next for possible attempts at evasion. The blogger/self-published author has a long residential history in Monaco and currently owns a million-dollar home in the affluent city of Santa Barbara, California, officials with the IRS said.