Generic drugs attained ‘super’ medication status

22 November 2012  : The rising importance of Generic drugs and their significant implication in the lives of millions of individuals all over the world has resulted in their incredible growth and popularity that has also attracted the FDA, which is believed to pass the Generic Drug User Fee Amendments (GDUFA) of 2012.

The impaction of the act has come at the right time as approximately 80% of all the prescriptions in the America constitute the generic medications and hence, it makes a sense to place these affordable drugs in a superior position by the FDA.

As per a recent report it has been found that the Generic drugs office is going to become a Super Office that may be led by Dr. Greg Geba with the view of flourishing the generic program and enhancing the current abilities of the agency to provide timely access to the effective, safe, reliable and high quality affordable generic drugs.

It has also been found that the US taxpayers saved $1 billion every other day with a total of $193 billion from the sales of the generic drugs.

The passage of the 5 year fee reauthorization bill by the FDA is created with the aim of providing a better access to these drugs along with cutting down the cost for the taxpayers and customers. Also, it will ensure faster approval of the clinical generic products to larger section of the country.

This program is regarded to have a great impact on the health care costs of the general population as by funding the FDA as well as the industries involved in the manufacturing process.


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